Pier B Resort Wedding DJ in Duluth Review

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I highly recommend ProSound and light to anyone looking for DJ service. They are fun to work with and create stress-free planning tools that make it so easy to choose songs. Our DJ Ryan arrived promptly and was involved the whole night which we wanted! He listened when we requested songs and did an excellent job of sticking to our peculiar requests. Such as Under no circumstances should you play this song while we are in the room and things like that 😀 Overall Ryan made our celebration a celebration!

Christine & Laura’s wedding at Pier B resort in Duluth MN on 8/18/2018 with DJ Ryan Rusnak

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Initial Telephone InterviewPerfect
Friendliness of ContactPerfect
Promptness of DJPerfect

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Overall Quality of Service at your event.Perfect
DJ’s Overall PerformancePerfect
DJ’s AttirePerfect
Overall Equipment AppearancePerfect

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Music SelectionPerfect
Promptness of Request being PlayedPerfect
Quality of Music (Sound)Perfect
Volume ControlPerfect
Microphone SkillsPerfect

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Ryan was truly fantastic! We loved the purple uplighting and how involved Ryan got! We enjoyed the Game of Thrones music it added that small touch we were looking for and how he got people out on the dance floor! Thank you, Ryan, you made our event spectacular!