Glen Oak Country Club Stillwater MN Wedding DJ Review

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Nick made our wedding day the best day we could have ever asked for. He helped with getting speeches started and then our dance floor was never empty! We had people dancing on the carpet around the dance floor. The music selection was awesome and to say we had a fun night is an understatement!

Courtney & David’s wedding on 9/22/2018 with DJ Nick Freeman at the Glen Oak Country Club in Stillwater MN

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Music SelectionPerfect
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Nick did such a great job!! He went through each point on our phone calls to make sure the correct songs were played for each part of the night! The reception was UNREAL. The music selection was great and we couldn’t have had a better night. We had so much fun and every one else keeps telling us that this night was a blast and they couldn’t believe how great the DJ was. The dance floor was constantly packed and there was never a dull moment. THANK YOU!