Why it is important to have and entertainer who is invested in your success

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Connection, one of the top reasons people choose any service provider.  I’m sure you can relate, we all have individuals and businesses we favor because someone or indeed the entire team makes the effort to care for you as more than a customer.  In today’s fast paced, instant purchase, one size fits all marketplaces, so much convenience has been introduced, but we have lost that connection.  I want to briefly share the story of one of our clients and how our MC’s connection to her and the dedication to the success of her day led him to go above and beyond!

On July 13th, Allison and Trevor were married in Duluth, MN and had their wedding reception at the famed, Greysolon Ballroom.  As all weddings are, the plans had been long in the making, each detail in its place.  They had chosen Pro Sound and Light Show because they had seen a performance by one of our MC’s at a friend’s wedding and decided they wanted a service they trusted.  Our MC became quick friends with the couple and the family as a whole.  Acting as a host, our MC made sure to highlight each moment as he had explained.  Each music cue happened as it was supposed to in the plan.  This much is standard with all of our staff.

One hiccup happened that night, not with the music, the food, the pictures of the decorations, but with Allison’s dress!  Her bustle had broken and was not able to gather her dress up for dancing!  This can be a disaster for anyone who has worn a wedding dress.  This is where connection matters.  Our MC quickly jumped into action.  He carries a small sewing kit with him with the colors and strengths of thread to fix almost any garment issue.  As he set his system to automatically mix the music he had selected for that portion of the night, he offered his help with the dress.  Because of connection, Allison trusted him enough to allow him to sew the broken segment for her and the bustle was gathered so she could dance.  She trusted him with her once in a lifetime dress because she knew he had her day and her needs in mind!

The night continued smoothly and the guests danced until the unfortunate but necessary end of the evening!  The MC, Vernon, didn’t think much of his assistance, you see, this is not the first dress he has repaired, all in a day’s work for a full service wedding MC.  This story would have gone untold except that Allison’s mother called our main office that following Monday morning to tell us about how she had never seen an entertainer like him before.  We were so thankful for the story!  This is who we are as a company and as people.  Your day is our passion, anyone can push a button and speak the lines, but you deserve someone who believes in your day as much as you do.  I would like to leave you with the words Allison’s mother wrote on her review form.  We appreciate this opportunity to serve!

“Vernon the DJ was absolutely awesome!!!!  He even had a needle and thread and sewed our daughter’s wedding dress when her train broke!!!! 🙂 He played everything on our daughter’s list from polkas to rock and roll!!!  Had even a special song for the longest married couple, I can’t say enough great things about Vernon!!” – Karen Kozisek


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