Six Common Mistakes People Make in Planning Wedding Receptions

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Congratulations! You are getting married, and now you must start planning the biggest party of your life. You’re already sick of looking in the bridal magazines and on the chic wedding websites for ideas on planning wedding receptions. Make a plan that covers all of your bases without causing you a headache. As experts in wedding reception sound and lighting effects, we know the most important decision that you will make concerns which vendors to hire. That’s why we put together a list of six common mistakes that people make when planning their reception.

1. Picking boring piano music for the cocktail hour. You have the option to count on a professional DJ to provide all music, or you can hire a singer or a band just for the cocktail hour. Wedding guests love an expert DJ for the longer portion of the reception because they can submit special requests for music. They love to dance.

2. Serving a buffet of chicken alfredo and steak with no chefs in sight. If you set up themed food stations throughout the venue, people can mingle and try different culinary items. This scheme is more flexible than a simple buffet, even if you spring for a sushi station or a carving station. Great food stations have chefs in attendance.

3. Paying big bucks for a cake in an obscure flavor that most guests won’t eat. Many of today’s wedding guests are health-conscious. They might pass on the cake. Therefore, spending hundreds of dollars on this traditional item doesn’t make sense. Talk to a baker about ordering several kinds of small treats. Gourmet cookies, brownies, miniature cupcakes, crème tarts, puff pastries, and tiny servings of fresh fruit might satisfy guests more than a massive cake.

4. Choosing the wedding reception venue because it is close to the ceremony site. There should be some consideration for how your guests will get from the wedding ceremony to the reception. In many instances, people will go back to their hotel and change for the party. Pick a wedding reception venue for its own features, such as the ability to accommodate all guests, ambience, lighting, ventilation, and adequate parking. The right venue is so comfortable that guests want to stay for the entire celebration.

5. Hiring young kids to handle the DJ, lighting, and sound tasks for the party. It is tempting to hire an economical DJ, such as a local high school kid or a favorite uncle who wants to earn a few bucks. In most cases, these potential DJs don’t have the right equipment or technical expertise. They don’t specialize in pleasing wedding guests. You get what you pay for with every reception vendor.

6. Leaving all contract decisions until a couple months before the wedding reception. If you want to work with the best vendors in town, choose your date early and reserve the reception venue. Waiting to hire vendors means the good ones will be booked when you’re finally ready to commit. Talk to the most crucial vendors first. If flowers are your biggest priority, book the florist first. If you want a good DJ, ask about his or her availability as soon as possible.

We want you to have the best experience possible at your wedding reception. By that date, you’ve arranged all of the details, and your job is to look happy and enjoy the big day. If you don’t arrange a professional wedding planner to handle contractual details with vendors for the reception, do it yourself. Get a jumpstart on securing the best services in town. Going by recommendations of people you know isn’t enough. Schedule meetings with vendors and hire the ones you determine to be the most qualified.

We have more ideas on making your wedding reception sizzle.

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