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  • Wedding DJs

    Your wedding DJ has an impact on the outcome of your wedding reception.  What do you want your guests to be saying about your wedding at the end of the night? Our professionally trained local DJs for hire do more than just play music, they can also act as the host and master of ceremonies, being the MC for your event so you can sit back, relax, and be a guest at your own wedding reception.

  • Experience is the difference

    Each and every Pro Sound & Light Show affordable wedding DJ must exceed our high standard of quality.  Newly hired DJs, even if they have previous DJ experience, must pass our Professional Wedding DJ & Diamond MC Training Programs.  These comprehensive programs cover all aspects of a wedding reception

Our professional wedding DJs are trained in the following:

  • Music Programing & Theory so your DJ can read the crowd and play the right song at the right time
  • Professional Audio Engineering so the music & audio sounds great
  • Lighting Control & Design so the lighting sets the tone and mood, energetic for dance songs or warm and mellow for slow songs
  • Customer Service so you have an extraordinary experience
  • Wedding Ceremonies so your wedding DJ can carefully and properly provide sound and coordination for wedding ceremonies
  • Grand March & Bridal Party Introductions so your wedding DJ can eloquently and energetically introduce you and your wedding party to your guests
  • Toast & Speech Introductions so your guests attention is gathered and speakers are properly introduced
  • Cake Cutting Ceremonies so your guests don’t miss the cake cutting and they can follow along as you cut your cake
  • Introducing the First Dance & Other Spotlight Dances so your first dance and other important dances are not missed
  • Garter & Bouquet Toss so your DJ can organize your guests and coordinate this traditional moment in a fun, entertaining, and tasteful manner
  • Dollar Dance / Money Dance so your guests don’t miss this moment and it stays on schedule and brings people back to the dance floor afterwards
  • Games, Interactions, & Transitions so our entertainers toolbox is well rounded to be ready in any situation that may arise during an event to keep it fun and engaging for your guests
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What kind of wedding DJ do you want?

We have 3 classifications or experience levels for our award winning wedding DJs. Professional, Diamond, and Signature. These are based on the number of events that they have performed at, additional training and workshops that they have attended, and based on reviews received by past clients.

While all of our DJs come with our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are trained by our experienced staff of full-time wedding entertainers and DJs, there are just some skills that cannot be taught and must be learned through experience. Example: How to respond to a guest who has had too much to drink and is becoming unruly. Or what to do

Professional DJ

A professionally trained DJ, who has completed our training program and is familiar with the ceremonies & traditions of a wedding reception. Our professional mobile DJs are a perfect match looking for an affordable wedding DJ for their reception. They will make announcements, perform wedding introductions, act professionally, and follow your special wedding music requests.

Professional wedding DJ Price Range: $800-1500
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

Diamond DJ

An experienced wedding DJ with several years of experience as a wedding entertainer. Pro Sound & Light Show Diamond DJs are masterful Wedding MCs who will host your wedding receptions so you can be a guest at your own wedding. Our Diamond DJs have been with us for several years and maintain a 4 out of 5 star review average. If you want an experienced DJ who can customize and give you a special wedding reception experience, then our Diamond wedding DJs are for you.

Diamond wedding DJ Price Range: $1200-2500
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

Signature DJ

A Top-Rated wedding DJ who partners with you to create your wedding celebration. Pro Sound & Light Show’s Signature DJs are more than ‘just DJs’… they are wedding experts. These are the best of the best wedding DJs who have been with our company the longest. They maintain a 4.5 out of 5 star review average. If you want to book DJ Aaron Abramson (our CEO) or DJ Nick Freeman (our General Manager) then you’ll want to request a consultation for our Signature DJ service.

Signature wedding DJ Price Range: $1900-4000
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

End of night photo: How do you want your wedding reception to end and be remembered?

Your Wedding Day with Pro Sound & Light Show


With Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJs, your wedding experience begins with the planning process.

  • Online Planning Tools
  • Wedding Day Timelines
  • Music Suggestions
  • Room Layout Advice

Our full-time office staff is available during the week to answer any questions you may have while planning your wedding.  With over 25 years of experience in the wedding industry, we have seen and done it all.


The only requirement on your wedding day is that you get married.  Everything else is up to you!  To make sure your ceremony goes smoothly, we offer Ceremony Sound & Coordination, along with Officiant/Ministerial services.  That means you can have your ceremony anywhere, your guests can hear your vows & music, and if you need someone to marry you, we can do that too!

  • Ceremony Sound & Coordination Add-On Available
Ceremony 225

cocktail hour

Cocktail Hour

Your Pro Sound & Light Show wedding DJ will be your MC and Host, greeting and welcoming your guests as they arrive at your reception for the cocktail hour. Music that fits your style and personality helps set the mood & prepares your guests for the wonderful time they are about to have celebrating with you.

Grand Entrance

Your Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJ will introduce your wedding party to your guests with a Grand Entrance.  There are several ways to honor your wedding party:

  • Standard Grand March – Introductions by name
  • Extended Introductions
  • Wedding Party Roast
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You and your guests will enjoy dinner with pleasant background music that fits your style at just the right volume for everyone to enjoy.  Our professional wedding DJs are trained and capable of assisting during dinner.

  • Inviting tables to the buffet – Tables should be invited in the proper order
  • Dinner Kisses / Clinking Glasses – Fun & Unique ways to handle dinner kisses

Speeches & Toasts

Your guests will enjoy the speeches and toasts given by your Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor thanks to your Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJ coaching them on the proper use of the wireless microphone, and introducing them to your guests.

speeches and toasts

Cake Cutting Ceremony

When it is time for you to cut the beautiful cake, your Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding MC can inform your guests WHY we traditionally have cake at a wedding reception, as well as guiding you through the cake cutting itself.

Spotlight Dances

The spotlight dances are the pinnacle of emotion for your reception. Your Pro Sound & Light Show wedding DJ can gather your guests attention and direct it to the dance floor, setting the stage for your special dances.

Some of the possibilities available for your special dances:

  • Custom Song Mix
  • Dancing On A Cloud

Custom Song Mix

Nick & Bobbi Lynn’s Wedding on April 30th, 2016.  Featuring Intelligent Dance Lighting and Custom First Dance Song Remix by Signature DJ Aaron Abramson.



When most people think of a wedding DJ, the dance is the only part of the night they consider.  And while Pro Sound & Light Show’s wedding DJs are responsible for so much more than just the dance… this is where the rubber meets the road.

Your Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJ will read the crowd, interacting with and shaping the music for you and your guests.

You may have as much input on the music for your dance as you like.  We categorize music into 4 categories…

  • “Must Play” – Songs that you absolutely want to dance to
  • “Play If Possible” – Songs that you would like played, but if you miss it, it’s OK.
  • “Play Only If Requested” – Songs that you don’t care for, but if it makes your guests happy, then play them.
  • “DO NOT PLAY” – Songs that will cause the world to end in a fiery apocalypse if played at your wedding.

Interactions & Traditions

Wedding receptions are full of traditions and ceremonies.  Whether you want to forego tradition, or put your own twist on an old favorite, your Pro Sound & Light Show wedding DJ will make sure you and your guests have a memorable experience.  Popular traditions in our area:

  • Garter Retrieval & Bouquet Toss
  • Dollar Dance
  • Longest Married Couple Competition

Wedding Budget

Reception Hall & Catering
Wedding Rings
Bridal Attire
Photo & Video

Remembered Afterwards

Reception Hall & Catering
Wedding Rings
Bridal Attire
Photo & Video

Recent Weddings We Have Done

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Wedding DJ Packages

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For any questions regarding our wedding DJ packages above, don’t hesitate to contact us!