Nate & Megan’s Tent Wedding in Duluth

By DJ Aaron Abramson – Nate & Megan had a beautiful wedding out in the middle of a field at their aunts farm.  The picture above is the tent that we were in for dinner & the dancing, they had their ceremony over in an adjacent field.  The only source of power was several generators running the implements for the catering staff, and the lights etc.  They had a separate generator for me and my sound/light gear.  Fortunately I arrived early to set up and get everything sound checked, because it turned out that the generator they had me on was bad. It ran, but did not supply enough voltage/amperage to power on my speakers.


Pictured above were the original 2 generators, the one on the left is the one that was for me.  Thankfully one of the family members was able to help me get things sorted, (it turned out that they had 3 spare generators) and they set me up with a replacement.  With the new generator, everything was great! Until about 11:30 when the generator ran out of gas…  Nate had refilled the fuel on the generator right after dinner and then as everyone was dancing and drinking, the generators were forgotten, until WWWEeeeeeeuuuuuwwwww….  Everything went dark.  I guess they had the lights running off my generator as well!  12 people and 5 minutes later, the generator was restarted, and we finished the night with a packed dancefloor.

Unfortunately, my iPad battery died early in the night, and I had forgotten my iPad charger so I was unable to take more pictures throughout the night.