Tim and Sarah’s wedding at Valentini’s Vicino Lago

By DJ Aaron Abramson – I was called early Sunday morning by my fellow DJ Sam, he was supposed to be DJ’ing this wedding that afternoon/evening but had a sudden family emergency and asked me if I could cover for him.  Even though I had gotten home around 1:30AM that morning from DJ’ing Chris & Holly’s wedding the night before, I said “Of Course!”.

I went into this wedding without any preparation other than reviewing the information Sam had a couple hours before I was due to start.  Valentini’s Vicino Lago is a great Italian restaurant along the lake walk in Duluth, MN and is normally closed on Sundays except for private events.

I met Tim & Sarah once they arrived at the restaurant and let them know about Sam’s emergency, and not to worry, they were in great hands (I did earn the title “DJ of the Year 2012” after all!).  I also had the benefit of having another fellow DJ, Ian, as one of the goomsmen.

Dinner was delicious, and after Valentini’s staff cleared away several of the tables we had a dance floor!  It was a little tight, but it was packed all night.  Friends of the bride came up towards the end of the night and thanked me profusely for making Sarah’s day so amazing.

Congrats Tim & Sarah!