Treasure Island

A large elegant space with a charming decor

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Services by Pro Sound & Light Show at Treasure Island

  • Disc Jockey

    Fun, Elegant, and Entertaining Disc Jockeys providing the right sound & dance lighting for Treasure Island.

  • Event Lighting

    Transform the look and feel of Treasure Island with our Event Lighting services. Accent the columns, and match the colors of your event with our lighting design.

  • Wedding Ceremony

    Wedding music, microphones, and coordination for your wedding at Treasure Island. We also have Officiants who can preside over your marriage, or we can make sure that your wedding ceremony goes beautifully.

  • Photo Booth

    The new way to Photo Booth, allow your guests to capture photos from your event and take home a keepsake memory.

Video Logs from Treasure Island Casino

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Real Events at Treasure Island

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