Blackwoods Proctor Wedding DJ Review

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“Aaron was very friendly and did an excellent job wrangling our very large wedding party together and got us all where we needed to be. He was very happy and friendly with all of our guests. Our guests loved the games that were played. He went out and walked around to all of the tables and was asking what kinds of music everyone wanted to hear and what they liked and tried to get a feel for what kinds of music to play. I feel bad that I never sent him a list of music like I had planned, but he did a great job taking our requests and even replayed my favorite song that I had missed! We asked Aaron to take requests from our daughter to make her happy and he played all of her requested songs. And when a song just wasn’t working, he’d change it up like a pro. Overall, we had a crazy beautiful wedding with a very fantastic DJ and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Pro Sound & Light Show! You made our special day just perfect. From the very friendly customer service, to the excellent planning help in the office (Thanks, Diana!) topped off with your purple backlighting to match our colors and the best DJ in town, we truly appreciate your quality service. Thanks, again!”

Tonia & Matthew’s wedding on Aug. 10, 2012 with DJ Aaron Abramson at Blackwoods in Proctor, MN:

The questions below are directed towards the service we provided before your event.
Initial Telephone Interview Perfect
Friendliness of Contact Perfect
Promptness of DJ Perfect

DJ Related Questions
The questions below are directed towards the DJ that performed at your event.
Overall Quality of Service at your event. Perfect
DJ’s Overall Performance Perfect
DJ’s Apperance Perfect
Overall Equipment Appearance Perfect

General Performance Questions
The questions below are directed towards the DJ that performed at your event.
Music Selection Perfect
Promptness of Request being Played Perfect
Quality of Music (Sound) Perfect
Volume Control Perfect
Microphone Skills Perfect

General Questions
Please answer the question below. We would like to know your honest thoughts.
How helpful were we in planning your event? 100%
How much would you attribute the success of your event to the DJ? 100%