Eagan Community Center in Eagan, MN Wedding DJ Review

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“Julia was the most amazing DJ for our wedding reception. When I first talked to her on the phone of how I was looking for the night to go she completely understood what I wanted. I put the ball in her court and she did amazing. I told her that I wanted this reception to feel like a big party celebration at it was our second reception. My husband and I were married a month prior in Boston and had a second reception in MN.
Julia took care of the whole night for me I was never worried about a thing, she kept me inform of what will happen next which I appreciated. She was even very laid back when I had to continue pushing the dinner service later and later as so many guest were late, which was so embarrassing. She never let me feel bad about that she just said everything is all good we are going to have a great night!!!”

Kayla’s wedding on 6/27/2014 with DJ Julia Rickert at Eagan Community Center in Eagan, MN