Hayward WI wedding DJ Review

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“Vernon was excellent! He got the crowd going on the dance floor and really kept them there all night! We specifically asked him to keep the dance a fun, clean atmosphere that would be good for children and adults. The kissing games were hilarious and everyone enjoyed the great variety of music. Vernon was perfect! We got everything we asked for and more. Vernon even got out there and led the electric slide. The games were so much fun for adults and kids. Vernon had such a variety of skills and he really was able to feel out the crowd and keep people entertained. Some people said it was the most fun they had ever had at a wedding… and we didn’t even serve any alcohol! I would definitely recommend Vernon for anyone who wants to have a great time on the dance floor!

The love story was so special. The way it was put together really was touching and funny all at the same time. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed our wedding and the DJ.  The DJ was totally worth every penny!”

Katie’s wedding on 7/20/2013 with DJ Vernon Williams and DJ Gwen Williams at the Steakhouse Lodge in Hayward WI.