Lakeview Event Center Wedding DJ Review

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“I loved Pro Light and Sound and I would definately choose them again for my wedding. I think I had as many compliments on our DJ, Erick, as I did on my dress. He contacted me the week before, which was great not having to think about one more thing to do, and asked about songs we wanted played and not played. Before we arrived at our venue he asked everyone if they had any requests to be played, he introduced the wedding party, and he even gave a speech about the traditions of the cake while we were cutting it. He did an amazing job clearing the dance floor of children dancing for our first song and played all requests in a timely manner. The games that were played were fun and enjoyed by all, and he was very interactive.The music was the perfect level so that people dancing could hear it but it wasn’t so loud that people couldn’t have a conversation in the table right next to where he was set up. I would definately choose Erick again for a DJ for my wedding and I was very pleased with the whole night. We had a great time.”

Meghan’s Wedding on 10/1/2011 with DJ Erick Sundeen at the Lakeview Event Center in Siren, WI