Le St. Germain Hotel wedding DJ Review

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“Aaron kicked some serious butt. Of all the component parts of our wedding day, I was most worried about getting a DJ experience that didn’t feel forced, played contemporary hits, and got people having legitimate fun. Aaron exceeded all of our expectations by a significant margin.

The party games he played were new to both of us as well as our guests, and everyone really liked them. I had more than a dozen experienced wedding-goers say he was the best DJ they’d ever seen at a wedding. And it all came at a price that we couldn’t believe. I would’ve paid double for our experience, and still been happy at the value it gave us. I would have had a hard time saying what it would take for me to go out of my way and recommend a wedding DJ before this experience, and now I know.

Excellent website tools (seriously killer), amazing price, and above all, the perfect DJ. Well done guys, and thank you again Aaron. Hope you had half as much fun as we did.”

Lindsay and Ry’s wedding on June 7, 2013 with DJ Aaron Abramson at the Le St. Germain Hotel in St. Cloud, MN:

The questions below are directed towards the service we provided before your event.
Initial Telephone Interview Perfect
Friendliness of Contact Perfect
Promptness of DJ Perfect

DJ Related Questions
The questions below are directed towards the DJ that performed at your event.
Overall Quality of Service at your event. Perfect
DJ’s Overall Performance Perfect
DJ’s Apperance Perfect
Overall Equipment Appearance Perfect

General Performance Questions
The questions below are directed towards the DJ that performed at your event.
Music Selection Perfect
Promptness of Request being Played Perfect
Quality of Music (Sound) Perfect
Volume Control Perfect
Microphone Skills Perfect

General Questions
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How helpful were we in planning your event? 100%
How much would you attribute the success of your event to the DJ? 90%