Waterpark of America Wedding DJ Review

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“Our experience with Barb was amazing! We planned a formal wedding which she stayed formal for; then as the evening carried out things got a lot more relaxed, Barb kept with the mood of the group very well! The love story was so great everyone thought she could have just kept going with it; It was very thought out and she understood all the little messages that were so important.
Our group didn’t have many people wanting to dance (which surprised me), Barb was amazing at keeping something happening to keep the crowd entertained and feeling part of the event. All the guests I talked to said our day was more of an event and the best wedding/reception they had been to! People who ‘never’ dance felt so comfortable they got up and had a great time dancing!! I would not have changed anything about my day, everything was perfect!”

Samantha’s Wedding on 6/18/2011 with DJ Barb Allee at the Waterpark of America in Minneapolis, MN.