Wedding DJ Review Waterfront Restaurant and Tavern La Crosse, WI

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We are blessed to receive many kind words from our clients. So many that we just can’t post all of them here, but this one just blew us away! Thank you Colleen & Matt for making our day, week, month…and well, our entire year!

“Being 28 years old I have been to countless weddings over the past few years and the primary thing I took away from all of them was that I wanted my guests to be entertained. Yes our wedding was of course for us, but the party and celebration is for the guests.

I have traveled to out of town weddings, spent money on gas, hotel rooms, and presents, only to get to the reception and be bored out of my mind wishing I would have just mailed the couple a check. My now-husband and I were willing to put a good portion of our budget towards a DJ who was going to keep our guests entertained and that’s exactly what we got.

Working with Pro-Sound was a good fit from the start. Before I booked them, if I had questions I called, emailed, chatted via the website and talked to the SAME person each time – that’s HUGE for customer service. I never felt like I was talking to a used car salesmen trying to sell me their services. Our wedding reception itself was pretty much the best reception ever… at least that’s what we were told ☺.

Our DJ Aaron and his assistant were so spot-on the entire night with reading our guests – he had everyone crying one minute and then laughing and dancing the next. Our dance floor was packed the entire night…literally from start to end. We had to kick people off the dance floor because the reception was over. My 80-year-old grandparents were dancing until 11pm!!

I think the best part of my night was seeing how happy my parents were and watching them dance together until the end. It was beautiful. I honestly have never ever been to a more fun wedding reception…and I’m not just saying that because it was my own! Another thing, if you’re contemplating the different add-ons…GET THE LOVE STORY!! And make sure someone is recording it. 🙂

I would recommend this company to every single person out there. Book Pro Sound for your wedding…you will never regret it.”

We also heard from Colleen’s father Steve:  

“As the father of the bride I could not be happier with Aaron’s work at the reception.  I lost count of the number of people who came up to me to let me know that this was, by far, the best wedding they had ever attended.  He played the emotions of the crowd like a fine orchestra conductor.  He had everyone crying at one moment and then up dancing widely the next.  Most important, he listened to our daughter and made sure the reception followed her wishes and design.  It was a magical evening and that was due, in very large part, to the work of Aaron and his assistant.  Very well done!”