Six Common Mistakes People Make in Planning Wedding Receptions

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Congratulations! You are getting married, and now you must start planning the biggest party of your life. You’re already sick of looking in the bridal magazines and on the chic wedding websites for ideas on planning wedding receptions. Make a plan that covers all of your bases without causing you a headache. As experts in wedding reception sound and lighting effects, we know the most important decision that you will … Read More

Planning the Perfect Outdoors Reception

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Every wedding is as unique as the couple joining their lives together.  Some weddings are extravagant affairs held in beautifully decorated ballrooms, some are held in a local gathering place, familiar to many of the guests.  One of the most unique, beautiful and challenging is the outdoor reception.  It adds a new dimension to the planning process, the great outdoors! … Read More

Several ways to honor your guests

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On your special day, there are so many people that come together to make sure that you have the best start to your marriage that you possibly can!  It can be tricky to properly acknowledge everyone and still have time to actually enjoy your evening!  Here are a few tips to make your job easier, too add a few classy … Read More

Why it is important to have and entertainer who is invested in your success

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Connection, one of the top reasons people choose any service provider.  I’m sure you can relate, we all have individuals and businesses we favor because someone or indeed the entire team makes the effort to care for you as more than a customer.  In today’s fast paced, instant purchase, one size fits all marketplaces, so much convenience has been introduced, … Read More