Adding that WOW! Factor to your Wedding Reception

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Every couple wants their wedding to be remembered as a special occasion – of love shared with family and friends, and of a good time had by all. The wedding may be a choice between a traditional or modern affair, but when it comes to the reception, the options are as limited as your imagination. Whether you pay a wedding planner to help coordinate all the logistics and vendors, or you choose to do-it-yourself, pulling off that WOW! wedding reception takes creativity in setting the right mood with food, music, lighting and decorations. Here are some wedding reception trends that are sure to blow your guests away!

  • Magical Light Show Wedding Reception – transforming your wedding reception venue into a spectacular luminary vision can be achieved in many ways. Work with a lighting designer to create iridescent rainbow colored walls; a twinkling star-field ceiling; a yard shimmering with romantic glow; or the sparkling brilliance of diamonds in the table settings.
  • International Tasting Menus – think of the popular gourmet food truck menus on steroids. Instead of opting for the traditional four course plated menu, many bride and grooms are offering a variety of delicious foods in smaller quantities. The food truck industry is serving up culinary cuisine that rivals the best restaurants. Some popular flavors are – Korean BBQ, Thai Bowls, Maine Lobster, Mexican Gourmet Tacos and French Brie or Goat Cheese Melts.
  • GoPro Reception and Drone Wedding Photo Album – excite your guests by hiring a professional drone videographer for outdoors and assign your favorite nephew to wear the GoPro camera at the indoor reception. Guests tend to be relaxed and more apt to shine for the camera with either of these two less formal methods of catching fun on camera. Drone photos will catch shots that are otherwise impossible, are visually stunning, and will certainly add that WOW! factor to your wedding album.
  • Destination Wedding without the travel – Theme weddings are not new, and run the gamut from 80’s electronica to vintage glamour to outdoor rustic chic. But bringing the Hawaiian shores or a Tuscany village to your venue takes daring and creativity. Pulling this one off means doing some research for the proper decorations, and a lot of coordination with your DJ and lighting professionals. By incorporating the sights, sounds, local fare and some interesting decorations – you can mimic a destination without the travel.
  • Wedding Party Flash Mob Dance – whenever the couple or wedding party busts out in a synchronized dance-fest, count on everyone pulling out their smart phone cameras and it will be sure to go viral. It’s not to difficult to learn a country line dance or be more adventurous with a epic choreographed pop dance that your guests will never forget.
  • Guest Booth – instead of a boring guest book or guest box for hand-written well wishes, set up a photo booth for video recorded messages. This way the messages have more meaning and gives everyone a chance to add their unique personality, to be saved and shared for all eternity. The guest videos along with the video wedding photos can be uploaded to the cloud for easy access for all.

The mood of a wedding reception should reflect the bride and groom. It is a chance to offer to the attendees a way to celebrate with the couple. An entertaining reception combines all the elements of fun, food, drink, music, lighting and decoration to reflect the newly married couple.

Contact us to discuss how our wedding DJs and custom lighting designers can help create that special wedding reception that will give your guests that WOW! feeling. After all, if everything goes right, it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

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