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What do you want your guests to say about your wedding as the lights turn back on after your last dance?

  • That was SO fun!
  • Best Wedding Reception Ever!
  • I don’t want this night to end!

You’re planning a wedding, and you may not know exactly what you want… but you DO know that you want you and your guests want to have FUN!

Don’t Panic!  Pro Sound & Light Show wedding DJs are here to help.

We make planning a fun & memorable wedding celebration easy, stress free, and our many award winning disc jockeys are waiting to help you and your guests have the time of your lives.

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Best Wedding DJ

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Planning a Fun Wedding Reception

This is most likely your first time ever planning an event of this size, and weddings are expensive! 

Many couples say they have stress and worries with the planning process.

  • What all goes into a wedding?
  • When do the different things happen?
  • Is there a certain order of events?
  • Who should I invite?
  • What will my guests think?
  • Will they have fun?
  • Will people dance?
  • Will they stay?

We get it, and are here for you

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be hard, or stressful.

We help plan, and have the pleasure of celebrating at over 300 weddings every year. In fact, we’ve been helping couples just like you have fun and stress-free weddings for over 25 years!

We have seen and done it all, and our secret formula for success is available for you.

As a Pro Sound & Light Show client, you have access to our exclusive online wedding DJ planning workshops, where we answer questions, give ideas, talk about what works and what doesn’t work, and give you the super secret tips of the trade.

Easy Access, Anywhere, Anytime

With Pro Sound & Light Show, planning your wedding is simple with our online planner.

Our friendly, full-time staff are just a phone call or email away to answer your questions. Together, we create the wedding reception that you want.

Your Pro Sound & Light Show wedding DJ will walk you through the final plan with you the week before your big day, making sure that everything is set and ready to go.

The day arrives, you’re getting married! Your wedding DJ arrives early to set up and make sure everything is ready to go on-time.

You are now the Guest of Honor, and your DJ keeps the event flowing, making sure everyone is having fun so you do not have to worry about what is happening next.

Award Winning Wedding Entertainment

You get to relax and enjoy your wedding with your friends and family.

The time flies past, and before you know it, the day is over, the lights turn on, and you are surrounded by your closest friends and family saying “Wow! That was SO MUCH FUN, we don’t want this night to end!”

Pro Sound & Light Show is the area’s largest, most award winning wedding DJ, event lighting & photo booth company.

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Recognized by both TheKnot.com and Wedding Wire for our excellence in customer service and experience, we have a proven track record of listening to our wedding clients wants and creating the results they desire.

Wedding Planning Tools

Minnesota Wedding DJ

Take a look at some of our most popular free wedding planning tools to help you have the event that you want.

Wedding Entertainment Services

Wedding DJ

You’ve chosen to get married, you are excited to celebrate with your family and friends, and now it’s time to choose your wedding DJ.

Pro Sound & Light Show has over 27 years of experience rocking wedding receptions and throwing fun parties with our wedding couples.

Wedding Event Lighting

You’ve picked the perfect venue for your celebration of love and marriage, now it’s time to make the room look beautiful and put your own personal style on it.

With our professional uplighting, monograms, and event lighting effects, let us paint your venue with light.

Wedding Photo Booth

According to TheKnot, 75% of wedding couples choose to have a fun photo booth at their wedding reception.

Our wedding photo booths are no exception!

Since adding photo booths to our services in 2017, more wedding clients than ever have been booking our super fun photo booth packages.

Enhance Your Event With Our Premium Addons & Upgrades

Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony Sound & Coordination with Unlimited Performance Time

Music, Microphones, and behind the scenes coordination for  your wedding ceremony so that your processional, unity ceremony, and recessional music are played on cue, and your guests can clearly hear your officiant and your vows.

Custom First Dance Mash-Up

A custom first dance mix created by one of our in-house mix masters.  Give your guests a surprise they’ll remember as your first dance transitions between different songs. (We strongly recommend practicing and choreographing your dance to the mix!)

Custom Monogram

"Your Name In Lights" Custom Monogram

A custom monogram designed with your names or initials and date to be projected in light onto a wall or the dance floor. Add a bold statement to your event!

Wedding Ceremony

Your Love Story

The tale of how your wedding came to be. We interview you separately to get both sides of the story, and our talented staff writes an entertaining and telling story that gives the whole picture of how you met, fell in love, proposed, and ended up at your wedding day. Your Love Story is performed (read) by your DJ right before your first dance – a great way to transition from Dinner to Dance. (Only available with Diamond and Signature DJs)

Dancing On A Cloud

An elegant low lying fog (dry-ice) that covers the dance floor for your first dance so your photographer can capture stunning and one-of-a-kind photos of you having your first dance “on a cloud”.

Dancing on a Cloud
Event Lighting

Event Lighting - Up-Lighting

Paint the room with light! Transform the look and feel of your event with our Accent Uplighting – 16 Programmable LED Up-Lights to provide accent lighting around the room. (16 lights will provide full-room accents for *most* venues, with 4 lights per wall)

Most Award Winning Disc Jockey, Event Lighting & Photo Booth Service

Don’t just take our word on it! Pro Sound & Light Show is the area’s most award winning Disc Jockey & Event Lighting company. Recognized by both The Knot, and Wedding Wire, we have been voted “Best of Weddings” and “Couples Choice” for more than 7 years in a row.

Ready to get a free quote on wedding our amazing wedding DJ services?

Recent Wedding DJ Reviews

Reviewed on January 2, 2024
by Alexis West-Huntoon
Very professional. Great to work with as another vendor!
on December 31, 2023
Reviewed on January 2, 2024
by Leslie
Austin did a wonderful job! Kept the energy and fun through out the evening!!
on January 31, 2024
Reviewed on December 26, 2023
by Megan
We were happy with Karsen and enjoyed our reception! He did a great job!
on December 26, 2023
Reviewed on December 19, 2023
by Jo
Karsen was our DJ and did a GREAT job! Our employees enjoyed the interaction and the games. He really got everyone involved and it made for a better time at our Holiday Party. Thanks so much!!
on December 15, 2023
Reviewed on December 13, 2023
by Carly
Aadi was phenomenal at our wedding! He played consistently good songs and kept the dance floor packed the whole night. Highly recommend Aadi!
on October 28, 2023
Reviewed on December 13, 2023
by Krista
Always very professional and a lot of fun!
on November 25, 2023

Wedding DJs

Your wedding DJ has an impact on the outcome of your wedding reception. What do you want your guests to be saying about your wedding at the end of the night?

Our professionally trained local DJs for hire do more than just play music, they can also act as the host and master of ceremonies, being the MC for your event so you can sit back, relax, and be a guest at your own wedding reception.

Each and every Pro Sound & Light Show affordable wedding DJ must exceed our high standard of quality.  

Newly hired DJs, even if they have previous DJ experience, must pass our Professional Wedding DJ & Diamond MC Training Programs.  

These comprehensive programs cover all aspects of a wedding reception

Our Professional Wedding DJs are Trained in the Following:

  • Music Programing & Theory so your DJ can read the crowd and play the right song at the right time
  • Professional Audio Engineering so the music & audio sounds great
  • Lighting Control & Design so the lighting sets the tone and mood, energetic for dance songs or warm and mellow for slow songs
  • Customer Service so you have an extraordinary experience
  • Wedding Ceremonies so your wedding DJ can carefully and properly provide sound and coordination for wedding ceremonies
  • Grand March & Bridal Party Introductions so your wedding DJ can eloquently and energetically introduce you and your wedding party to your guests
  • Toast & Speech Introductions so your guests attention is gathered and speakers are properly introduced
  • Cake Cutting Ceremonies so your guests don’t miss the cake cutting and they can follow along as you cut your cake
  • Introducing the First Dance & Other Spotlight Dances so your first dance and other important dances are not missed
  • Garter & Bouquet Toss so your DJ can organize your guests and coordinate this traditional moment in a fun, entertaining, and tasteful manner
  • Dollar Dance / Money Dance so your guests don’t miss this moment and it stays on schedule and brings people back to the dance floor afterwards
  • Games, Interactions, & Transitions so our entertainers toolbox is well rounded to be ready in any situation that may arise during an event to keep it fun and engaging for your guests
DJ Karsen Young

What kind of wedding DJ do you want?

We have 3 classifications or experience levels for our award winning wedding DJs. Professional, Diamond, and Signature.

These are based on the number of events that they have performed at, additional training and workshops that they have attended, and based on reviews received by past clients.

While all of our DJs come with our exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are trained by our experienced staff of full-time wedding entertainers and DJs, there are just some skills that cannot be taught and must be learned through experience.

Example: How to respond to a guest who has had too much to drink and is becoming unruly. Or what to do

Professional DJ

A professionally trained DJ, who has completed our training program and is familiar with the ceremonies & traditions of a wedding reception.

Our professional mobile DJs are a perfect match looking for an affordable wedding DJ for their reception.

They will make announcements, perform wedding introductions, act professionally, and follow your special wedding music requests.

Professional wedding DJ Price Range: $900-1800
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

Diamond DJ

An experienced wedding DJ with several years of experience as a wedding entertainer.

Pro Sound & Light Show Diamond DJs are masterful Wedding MCs who will host your wedding receptions so you can be a guest at your own wedding.

Our Diamond DJs have been with us for several years and maintain a 4 out of 5 star review average.

If you want an experienced DJ who can customize and give you a special wedding reception experience, then our Diamond wedding DJs are for you.

Diamond wedding DJ Price Range: $1600-2500
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

Signature DJ

A Top-Rated wedding DJ who partners with you to create your wedding celebration.

Pro Sound & Light Show’s Signature DJs are more than ‘just DJs’… they are wedding experts.

These are the best of the best wedding DJs who have been with our company the longest.

They maintain a 4.5 out of 5 star review average.

If you want to book DJ Aaron Abramson (our CEO) then you’ll want to request a consultation for our Luxe Package.

Signature wedding DJ Price Range: $2000-4000
Depending on dates, available discounts, and package options.

End of night photo: How do you want your wedding reception to end and be remembered?

Your Wedding Day with Pro Sound & Light Show

Pre-Event Planning

There is an old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This is especially true when it comes to planning your wedding reception.

What would happen if you hired a DJ without any pre-event planning?
Would they know what songs to play and when to play them?
Would your wedding be just a cookie-cutter event just like every other wedding?

Pre-planning your wedding is one of the most important secrets to the success of your wedding reception.

That is why we include it with our package, because we want to have the best opportunity to succeed.

When you are planning your wedding, you want to make sure you can get ahold of your wedding vendors to get your questions answered in a timely manner. 

Our full-time staff is here to assist in the planning process at any time leading up to your wedding.  We’re always reachable on-phone, in-person, or online.

Your pre-event planning is easy and stress free:

Online Event Planner

online wedding planner account

Avoid Confusion And Overwhelm – And plan your wedding with our easy to use online planning tools.

Full Time Office Staff

Full Time Office Staff

We’re Here For You – Get your questions answered, and get great suggestions & ideas from our full-time staff.

Final Planning Session

Final Planning Session

One Last Check – Your DJ will walk you through your whole day and confirm all of the final details with you the week before your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Sound & Coordination

Wedding Ceremony

It’s important that everyone at your wedding can hear the officant loud and clear, and that music fades in and out at the correct time so there aren’t any awkward moments.

  • Want a small ceremony sound system so that your guests can hear everything?
  • Want a wireless microphone for officiant?
  • How about an additional microphone available for a reader?
  • Want prelude music playing 30 Minutes before the ceremony start as guests arrive?
  • Want the wedding party processional song to start on time and fade out correctly?
  • Want your processional song to start at the correct moment and fade out once you’re standing up front?
  • Want a unity ceremony song to play while you light a candle/pour sand/tie a knot/plant a tree?
  • Want a recessional song to start right as you’re introduced as a married couple?

That’s what our wedding ceremony package is all about!

Making sure your wedding ceremony, the most important part of your day, goes smoothly.

You will have a special “Wedding Ceremony Planner” available in your online planning account, to make planning this part of your day easy.

If you wanted to add the ceremony add-on separately, it would cost $425.

But with this package, you can enjoy knowing this is included already!

Your Wedding Reception

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail Hour

After the ceremony – your guests arrive at the venue, and your Professional DJ is playing music to set the mood.

Your DJ creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere as everyone mingles, enjoying drinks & hors d’oeuvres.

  • We create a curated playlist based on your style choice.
  • You may provide us with a specific playlist for the cocktail hour if you have already created one
Grand Entrance

Your Grand Entrance!

Dinner is about to start, your guests are seated, and it’s time for the Grand Entrance!

The wedding party is all lined up and ready to be introduced to kick-off the festivities…

Your DJ fades the background music, and gets the rooms attention.

Your DJ hits “play” on your Grand Entrance Song, and introduces your wedding party into the room…

It’s time for YOU to be introduced, and your DJ announces you as you come through the door to a standing ovation!

Dinner Buffet


Everyone is now seated, and your DJ introduces and gives the microphone to the person who will give the blessing.

Dinner is served!  If dinner is a buffet, your DJ can manage inviting the tables to the buffet if your caterer or venue does not have someone to do that.

So that you can enjoy your meal, and let your guests have some fun at the same time.

Dinner Music: For dinner, we will play the music at a soft volume so that everyone in the room can hear the music, without being disruptive to your guests conversations.

dinner kisses
Dinner Kisses! aka "clinking glasses"
Speeches and Toasts
Wedding DJ Provides microphone for speeches and toasts
First Dance

Spotlight Dances

It’s time for your first dance!

The lights come down, as your DJ introduces you for your First Dance as a married couple.

You get to share the spotlight and dance with the love of your life, dancing to the song that you picked.

Your DJ has already made sure that dad is ready and waiting nearby for the Father/Daughter dance, and that mom is also ready for the Mother/Son dance so there are no awkward pauses after you finish your first dance and transition into the parent dances.

You can choose to end the spotlight dances with a “Wedding Party Dance” to bring the entire wedding party together and get the party started!

Bouquet Toss

Special Events

During the dance party, there are several more special moments and events that you may choose to have at your wedding.

These moments and events are OPTIONAL, and included in your package if you want them.

The Dollar Dance

A northland tradition, the dollar dance is a receiving line set to music where your guests give you money to help fund your honeymoon!   (We recommend that the dollar dance last no longer than 15-20 minutes)

The Garter & Bouquet Toss

A longtime wedding tradition, you may choose to do just one or both.  Your Pro Sound & Light Show DJ is trained to make sure this moment is fun, light hearted, and appropriate.

Anniversary Dance or Longest Married Couple Competition

A fun way to recognize the couples in your lives who have been blessed with long marriages.  Your DJ can do the traditional Anniversary Dance, or they can do our exclusive longest married couple competition which is more upbeat and memorable.

Fun Dancing

Games & Interactions

You want your wedding to be FUN! A celebration of your love as two families come together.

Your DJ has been trained and is experienced using different games and interactions as part of their toolbox to make sure your guests are having a good time.

These are optional interactions that we use as transitions, if needed, between events and activities.

The dance floor is packed and it’s time to do the dollar dance. Instead of killing the vibe, a game is played to redirect everyones energy and attention and transition into the more low-key energy of the dollar dance.

Shoe Game

The Shoe Game – A fun game to play right before your first dance to gather everyones attention and get to know more about the two of you…

Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt

Musical Chair Scavenger Hunt – We’re known for, and are recommended by many, because of this game. A fun interaction to transition from dancing into the dollar dance or bouquet toss…

Dance Competition

Dance Off! – A fun & quick competition to see who is the better dancer.  A good interaction for earlier in the night…

How We Do It - The Pro Sound & Light Show Difference

  • Full-Time Office Staff so you can talk to a real person who cares about your event
  • Online planner that is easy to use so you can plan your wedding on your own schedule
  • Experienced Wedding DJs on staff so we can give you real-world advice about your wedding day
  • Exclusive online wedding workshops so you can have questions answered and get new ideas for your own wedding
  • Large, current, & updated music library so that we have the songs that you and your guests want to dance to
  • Early arrival and setup so your wedding starts on time
  • Professionally trained Wedding DJs who are familiar and experienced in wedding traditions so you know your wedding will be done right
  • Appropriately dressed DJs so they will blend in with your event
  • Fully Insured so that we can perform at any venue (most venues require vendors to have liability insurance)
  • Professional Sound Equipment so you and your guests can enjoy the music and hear the person on the microphone clearly
  • Dance Floor Light Show so you and your guests can see the excitement and the dance is more fun
  • Backup Staff & Equipment so that in the case of an emergency or failure, the show can still go on
Wedding Dance

What goes into EVERY Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding Reception

Pre Event (6 to 14 Hours)

  • Online Planner and access to “Office Hours” webinar group planning sessions (Unlimited)
  • 1 on 1 Scheduled Planning Session with office staff (1 to 2 Hours)
  • Music Research (0.5 to 1 Hour)
  • Create Wedding Timeline & Optional Itinerary (1 to 2 Hours)
  • Scripting Special Moments & Grand March Introductions (2 to 5 Hours)
  • Final Planning Call with DJ (0.5 to 2 Hours)
  • Preparing and Testing DJ System and Backup Equipment (1 to 2 Hours)

The Event (11 to 19 Hours the day-of)

  • Pre-Loading, Driving, Un-Loading of equipment (2-4 Hours)
  • Set-up & Sound Check at the Ceremony & Reception Locations (2-3 Hours)
  • Professional Sound System ($600 Estimated Rental Value / $6000 Estimated Retail Value)
  • Dance Floor Light Show ($300 Estimated Rental Value / $3000 Estimated Retail Value)
  • DJ Laptop with legally licensed music library of 40,000+ songs ($Thousands)
  • Performance at the Ceremony and Reception (5-8 Hours / Optional: Unlimited Music Time)
  • Tear-Down & Strike, Loading, Driving, Un-Loading of equipment (2-4 Hours)
Disc Jockeys

Our DJ Packages count “Performance Time”, the 5-8 Hours at your wedding reception where the DJ is performing.

In reality, our “5 hour package” includes anywhere from 17 to 33 hours of team work to make sure that your wedding goes according to plan.

Wedding DJ Packages

Wedding Packages vs. Custom Quotes

Every year we evaluate the most commonly requested DJs, services & add-ons to determine what our most popular packages are.  We currently have 3 options with the most popular add-ons and services already bundled together for you.  These packages can be customized by adding-on extra services for an additional fee, however, removing a service from a package will not reduce the price.  If you’re looking for something that doesn’t quite fit within our package bundles, call us at 888-347-5562 for a custom quote.

Award Winning Wedding DJ Packages

Deluxe DJ Package

The Deluxe DJ Package contains EVERYTHING: DJ, Uplighting, Photo Booth, Ceremony & Reception!

All the bells and whistles in one affordable package!  Pro Sound & Light Show’s Deluxe Package includes EVERYTHING that you want for your wedding entertainment.

Your Deluxe Package is a Triple Threat.  You get an amazing DJ, beautiful event lighting, AND and our exclusive Super Fun Photo Booth.  And it is all included with our Unlimited Performance Time, meaning we are with you from the start of your event, until the very last dance and the venue is kicking us out, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit us into your schedule for the day.  We’re with you the whole time.

Pro Sound & Light Show’s beautiful event lighting transforms the look & feel of your venue with our Full Room Uplighting.  Our professional lighting techs will paint the room with light, matching any color you want to highlight the features of the room, or match your wedding party colors.

And the best reason to bundle our Award Winning DJs with our Super Fun Photo Booth is because the music & photo booth work together to keep your friends & family having fun & engaged the whole time.  Your Pro Sound & Light Show DJ keeps everyone dancing & partying, while the photo booth takes snapshots and saves those memories for all time, giving your guests a precious keepsake to take home with them.

Priced At: $4820

Specials & Discounts: Request a quote to get our current special pricing and discounts based on availability.

Professional DJ Package

*MOST POPULAR* Perfect for Ceremony + Reception!

The Pro Package is Pro Sound & Light Show’s most popular package, and is the Gold Standard by which wedding DJs are measured.  With up to 8 hours of entertainment and an Award Winning Professional DJ & MC, this package is designed specifically for the  majority of wedding receptions in Minnesota & Wisconsin.

Your wedding is not “Just a gig” or “Another party” to play music at. It is an important occasion that has very specific events that must be handled appropriately, respectfully, and in a fun way! Traditional moments include your Wedding Ceremony, Grand March, Speeches & Toasts, Cake Cutting, First Dances, Garter & Bouquet Toss, Dollar Dance, and other wedding moments.

Priced At: $2625

Specials & Discounts: Request a quote to get our current special pricing and discounts based on availability.

Essential DJ Package

Pro Sound & Light Show’s Essential Package is a wedding DJ package designed to provide great music at a great price. With 5 hours of reception music, a Professional DJ, and a full-time office staff to help plan a fun wedding reception, it is an excellent starting point.

The Essential Package includes our Professional “Sound & Light” Show, which is a professional sound system, dance floor light show, legallly licensed music library, wireless microphones and more.

For the couple that wants a DJ, someone to spin some great music while keeping the mood upbeat and entertaining, the Essential Package is the right choice.

Priced At: $1600

Specials & Discounts: Request a quote to get our current special pricing and discounts based on availability.

Letter of Recommendation

Frequently Asked Questions

After many years of experience, we have developed several fully customizable packages to meet just about anyone’s DJ entertainment needs. Plus we have a number of options to choose from to enhance your event. You’ll find the quotes for each package enclosed or just contact us. Quotes may have DJ Specials/Discounts that have a limited time duration. There are no hidden extra charges like mileage, stairs fee, etc., the rate quoted is the complete rate. Package pricing and discounts/specials (if any) are based on demand.

Tip for getting our best rates: Reserve your event early to receive the best available rate and to insure that the package and date you want is available. Our lowest rates are on Sunday – Friday year around and all week from mid October to mid April each year

Office hours are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday by appointment. In addition to the office hours, we have an On Call Manager on duty whenever we are performing at events. You can reach the On Call Manager by simply calling any of our main numbers and select the option to reach the On Call manager

For private events (weddings, birthdays, etc.) we require a non-refundable down payment/deposit when you reserve ($199) to secure your date. The balance is due 14 days or more in advance of your event.

Yes, there is a monthly payment option on the Entertainment Agreement. You can choose to have equal payments charged to a credit or debit card up until the month before your event to pay the balance. Of course you can also make any size payments that you want along the way by phone, mail, in person, or through your online planning account on our website.

Any payments above the required down payment/deposit are fully refundable up until 90 days or more prior to your event date if you decide to cancel. Required down payment/deposits are nonrefundable. To cancel an event, just contact us for a cancellation form. Return the short form completed and signed and any payments due back to you will be sent within 30 days.

Reserving is as easy as 1, 2 or 3:

1. You can reserve us online by logging into your client account at www.pro-1.com (contact us for your log in information or see one of our emails) or just call us at 888-347- 5562.

2. Mail or bring to our office your completed Entertainment Agreement, and deposit (if required).

3. Use the order form above to choose your package and make your payment. One of our special event consultants will confirm with you your event details and get you set up with access to your online planning account!

The first form that we need to complete the reservation process is our one page Entertainment Agreement. You can electronically sign this document through a simple link in one of our emails to you. This is the easiest way to complete this document.  We need the Entertainment Agreement back as soon as possible in order to complete your DJ reservation.

Next are the planning forms. It is easiest to fill these out through your online planning account on our website. Just check the emails we have sent to you or contact us for your login information.

If you prefer paper, use our exclusive Wedding Reception Planner.

All of these forms should be completed and returned to us 30 days or more in advance of your event or as soon as possible

We can play any kind of music that you want. For a complete list of our standard system music, go to www.pro-1.com/music. It is easiest to provide your music requests through your online planning account.

Our DJs are all experienced professionals and know what the hit songs are in each category and decade of music. So you don’t have to pick out all of the music. In fact, the best events we perform at have a balance of the client’s and guest’s requests combined with songs that the DJ knows will keep your guests up and dancing.

Tip on requesting music: The very best parties always have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups. Most events have between 3 to 5 hours of dancing and that works out to about 55 – 70 songs. We suggest that you pick out roughly 5 – 20 songs in addition to the most important songs for your event. We would like to have your online planning tools or Wedding Reception Planner/Song Request Form completed 30 days or more prior to your event

Absolutely! Although we have just about every song that people like to dance to, occasionally a client will have an older or hard to find song that they want to hear. You can provide the DJ with compact discs of special music you want played at your event. Be sure to label your music with your name and phone number, indicate which songs you want played, and remember to pick them up at the end of the event

Our DJs normally arrive 1-2 hours in advance of the scheduled music start time. The equipment set up is completed just prior to the music start time. Please make arrangements to have the location open and accessible at least several hours prior to the start time. If you need our equipment set up earlier than this, just let us know. There is a small charge for early set up (for the DJ’s time to wait for your event to start).

Yes, we can play music for your wedding ceremony and provide microphones for the officiant and a reader. This is included in the Pro DJ or Deluxe packages, or added as a separate add-on for $425.

If you need to make changes along the way, just contact us or request a change through your online planning account. We are happy to change or add options, times, etc., just contact us as early as possible. In most cases we can even change your event’s date if needed. Again, contact us as early as possible.

If you want the DJ to play longer during your event just ask them. Our DJs are happy to play longer than the agreed upon time if you request it. At your event, the rate per hour is decided on between you and the DJ. Occasionally a DJ may not be able to stay longer than originally stated in the Entertainment Agreement. The best way to insure that you have all the performance time you want is to reserve it 14 days or more in advance of your event date.

Yes! Your DJ/MC will carefully coordinate all of the activities of your event. You can let your DJ know what you want through your online planning account, Wedding Reception Planner or Song Request Form. Your DJ can also share ideas with you for coordinating and organizing your event that they’ve learned from other successful events

Yes, your DJ will contact you the week before your event. Before calling, your DJ will review your online planning account, Wedding Reception Planner or Song Request Form to get a feel for how you want your event to go. This is a great opportunity to get to know your DJ and for your DJ to get to know you better. You can discuss any last minute questions you may have.

For most formal events (weddings, proms, etc.) your DJ will wear a suit or tux during the performance. After a few hours when the dance floor heats up, we will sometimes take our suit or tux jacket off. During the set up and pack up of the equipment, our DJ’s will wear casual dress clothes. For less formal events (school dances, birthday parties, etc.) your DJ will wear casual dress clothes. You may also request specific attire to be worn for a particular themed party or holiday.
Yes! Our equipment can handle a standard RCA type stereo input from most audio visual devices. Let us know as early as possible about your specific needs. It’s also best to have the DJ and equipment set up somewhat close to the device because of the cord length limitations.
We can travel anywhere you need us, some locations may require a special quote. Generally we perform throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.
All we require at the location is a 6’ x 10’ or larger area, a standard 6 or 8 foot heavy duty banquet table, 2 chairs, and 2 separate 20 amp standard grounded electrical outlets within 25 feet of the DJ area. The DJ area should be next to the dance floor. If the DJ area is outdoors and exposed to the open weather, we will require an alternate covered location in case of inclement weather.

Meals, while not required, are appreciated. Sure, just let us know so the DJ can plan for that. Our staff never consumes alcoholic beverages, however providing ice water and soft drinks is greatly appreciated.

This is totally up to you. Unlike many other service professionals, we do not contractually add service charges, or gratuities. After considering the level of service and quality of presentation, along with your overall enjoyment, we believe you should decide for yourself what level of gratuity, if any, you would like to give. As a reference, a tip of 10% – 15% is most common. For accounting purposes, we ask that you pay any gratuity directly to the DJ.