School Dance DJs

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When planning a school dance, one of the biggest fears is “Will the students have fun?”

With Pro Sound & Light Show, our School Dance DJs know how to make sure that the students are having fun, dancing, and having the time of their lives.

Great Entertainment is an Investment in the event!

Bad DJs ruin dances, and if the students don’t have fun, they will not attend future dances.  Low attendance = low ticket sales = a downward spiral.

Pro Sound & Light Show’s School Dance DJs are an investment into more students, more excitement, more ticket sales, and more profits for your school dances.

Keys to a successful school dance...

Great school dances start with Planning & Promotion

  • How many students are able to attend?
  • What is the Theme / Special Event for the dance?
  • How is it being promoted?
    • Social Media
    • Posters & Flyers around campus
    • Lunchtime DJ Sessions

Want a DJ for your School Dance?

Are you looking for a fun school dance DJ for your upcoming event?

It is very probably that we have already performed at your school in the past.

See the list of schools that we have performed at.

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