Frequently Asked Questions

We have a great online planner.  Simply log into your account and click on the “Plan My Event” button.  From there you can browse our online catalog of music, select songs for your special dances, choose “must play” and “do not play” songs, and more!
To make a payment for your event, you can log into your online planner and click on the “make a payment” button.  You will be taken to a PayPal payment page where you can pay with a credit card (no PayPal account required) or your PayPal account.

You may also submit a payment online HERE.  This is a great option if a friend or relative is helping pay for your event.

You can also call our office during normal business hours at 888-347-5562 and make a credit card payment over the phone.

If you would like to have an automatic payment plan that splits your balance-due into small monthly payments that are automatically charged to your credit card, call us at 888-347-5562 to set one up.
It depends on the type of event you are planning. For private events (weddings, birthdays, etc.) we require a deposit when you reserve ($199 for packages 1 and 2, $299 for packages 3 and 4). The events no deposit is required. The balance can be paid anytime prior to or upon arrival of the DJ at your event.
Yes, there is a monthly payment option of the Entertainment Agreement. You can choose to have equal payments charged to a credit or debit card up until the month before your event to pay the balance. Of course you can also make any size payments that you want along the way by phone, mail, in person, or through our website.
Any payments above the required deposit are fully refundable up until 90 days or more prior to your event date if you decide to cancel. Required deposits are non-refundable. To cancel an event, just contact us for a cancellation form. Return the short form completed and signed and any payments due back to you will be sent within 30 days.
Reserving is as easy as 1,2 or 3:
1. You can reserve us online by logging into your client account at (contact us for your log in information or see one of our emails) or just call us at 888-347-5562. For private events, our deposit is only $199 or $299 depending on the package you select.
2. Mail or bring to your completed Entertainment Agreement, and deposit (if required).
3. Fax your completed Entertainment Agreement with a credit or debit card deposit (if required) to 888-255-3132
The first form that we need to complete the reservation process is our one page Entertainment Agreement. Most likely you received one with this information package. If you still need one, just contact us or download one at We need the Entertainment Agreement back as soon as possible in order to complete your DJ reservation. Next are the planning forms. We prefer receiving your information through the online planning tools. Your online account will be the easiest to update and make changes to . Just check the emails we have sent to you or contact us for your login information. If you prefer paper, use our exclusive Wedding Reception Planner. For all other events, use our Song Request Form and Direction Form. All of these forms are included with this information, but if you need a new one, you can download them at or just contact us. All of these forms should be completed and returned to us 30 days or more in advance of your event or as soon as possible.
Yes, see our exclusive “Wedding Reception Planner” for full ceremony information. Also see our Reserving Is Easy page for pricing options.
If you need to make changes along the way, just contact us or request a change through your online planning account. We are happy to change or add options, times, etc., just contact us as early as possible. In most cases we can even change your event’s date if needed. Again, contact us as early as possible
If you want the DJ to play longer during your event just ask them. Our DJs are happy to play longer than the agreed upon time if you request it. The rate per hour is decided on between you and the DJ. Occasionally a DJ may not be able to stay longer than originally stated in the Entertainment Agreement. The best way to insure that you have all the performance time you want is to reserve it in advance of your event date.
Yes! Your DJ/MC will carefully coordinate all of the activities of your event. You can let your DJ know what you want through your online planning account or on the Wedding Reception Planner/Song Request Form. Your DJ can also share ideas with you for coordinating and organizing your event that they’ve learned from other successful events.
All we require at the location is a 6′ x 10′ or larger area, a standard 6 or 8 foot heavy duty banquet table, 2 chairs, and 2 separate 20 amp standard grounded electrical outlets within 25 feet of the DJ area. The DJ area should be next to the dance floor. If the DJ area is outdoors and exposed to the open weather, we will require an alternate covered location in case of inclement weather.
Deposits are non-refundable.

90 days or more before event

Any payments above the required deposit are fully refundable up until 90 days prior to your event if you decide to cancel.  A cancellation agreement must be signed and received 90 days or more prior to your event.  The cancellation agreement must be signed by the same persons named in the event contract.

89 days or less before event

Cancellations made less than 90 days prior to the event are responsible for the full balance due.  After 90 days prior to the event, all payments are non-refundable.

Deposits & payments made for events may be transferred to another date depending on availability.

Event bookings may also be transferred to another client with approval & updated contract.

As we celebrate with our clients, we often times feel like part of the family.  We also greatly appreciate and look forward to helping celebrate future events with your family.

But please consult your local adoption regulations before making us permanently part of your family.

After many years of experience, we have developed 4 fully customizable packages to meet just about anyone’s DJ entertainment needs. Plus we have a number of options to choose from to enhance your event. You’ll find the quotes for each package enclosed or just give us a call. Quotes may have DJ Special/Discounts that have a klmimited time duration. There are no hidden extra charges like mileage, stairs fee, etc., the rate quoted is the complete rate. Package pricing and discounts/specials (if any) are based on demand. Tip for getting our best rates: Reserve your event early to receive the highest possible discount and to insure that we are available. Our lowest rates are on Sunday – Friday year around and all week from mid October to mid April each year.
Office hours are Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 a.m. In addition to the office hours, we have an On Call Manager on duty whenever we are performing at events. You can reach the On Call Manger by simply calling any of our main numbers and listening to the message for the special toll free number to call.
We can play any kind of music that you want. For a complete list of our standard system music, go to We prefer receiving your requests through your online planning account. Check previous emails sent to you or contact us for your login information. If you prefer to use paper, just complete either the Wedding Reception planner or the Song Request Form to choose the types of music you want played. These forms should be included with this information, but if you need a new copy, you can download them at or just contact us. You can also pick music that you don’t want played. You can be as detailed as you want to be. Our DJs are all experienced professionals and know what the hit songs are in each category and decade of music. So you don’t have to pick out all of the music. In fact, the best events we perform at have a balance of client’s and guest’s requests combined with songs that the DJ knows will keep your guests up and dancing. Tip on requesting music: The very best parties always have a mixture of songs that please and entertain all age groups. Most events have between 3 to 5 hours of dancing and that works out to about 55 – 70 songs. We suggest that your pick out roughly 5 – 20 songs in addition to the most important songs for your event. We would like to have your online planning tools or Wedding Reception Planner/Song Request Form completed 30 days or more prior to your event. If these forms are completed or received 14 days or less before your event, we may not be able to bring all of your requested music.
Absolutely! Although we have just about every song that people like to dance to, occasionally a client will have an older or hard to find song that they want to hear. You can provide the DJ with compact discs of special music you want to played at your event. Be sure to label your music with your name and phone number, indicate which songs you want played, and remember to pick them up at the end of the event.
Our DJs normally arrive 1 or more hours in advance of the scheduled music start time. The equipment set up is completed just prior to the music start time. Please make arrangements to have the location open and accessible at least several hours prior to the start time. If you need our equipment set up earlier than this, just let us know. There is a small charge for early set up (for the Dj’s time to wait for your event to start). See our Options Section on the Reserving Is Easy page of this information package.
Yes, your DJ will contact you several days or more in advance of your event. Before calling, your DJ will review your online planning account or on the Wedding Reception/ Song Request Form to get a feel for how you want your event to go. This is a great opportunity to get to know your DJ and for your DJ to get to know you better. You can discuss any last minute questions you may have.
For most formal events (wedding, proms, etc.) you DJ will wear a full tuxedo during the performance. After a few hours when the dance floor heats up, we will sometimes take our tux jacket off. During the set up and pack up of the equipment, our Dj’s will wear casual dress dress clothes. For less formal events (school dances, birthday parties, etc.) your DJ will wear casual dress clothes. You may also request specific attire to be worn for a particular themed party or holiday.
Yes! Our equipment can handle a standard RCA type stereo input from most audio visual devices. Let us know as early as possible about your specific needs. It’s also best to have the DJ and equipment set up somewhat close to the device because of the cord length limitations.
We can travel anywhere you need us, some locations may require a special quote. Generally we perform throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.
Sure, just let us know so the DJ can plan for that. Our staff never consumes alcoholic beverages, however providing ice water and soft drinks is greatly appreciated.
This is totally up to you. Unlike many other service professional, we do not contractually add service charges, or graduities. After considering the level of service and quality of presentation, along with your overall enjoyment, we believe you should decide for yourself what level of gratuity, if any, you would like to give. AS a reference, a tip of 10% – 15% is most common. For accounting purposes, we ask that you pay any gratuity directly to the DJ.