Dancing On A Cloud

Low Laying CO2 Fog for a First Dance like no other!

Have your first dance on a cloud!

A unique experience unlike anything you or your guests have seen before.  Have your first dance on a cloud of low lying dry ice fog covering the entire dance floor, giving the appearance that you are dancing on top of the clouds.

Paired with a great photographer and videographer, the Dancing on a Cloud effect, provided exclusively by Pro Sound & Light Show’s event lighting creates truly remarkable photos & video.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Dancing On A Cloud

No. Our Dancing on a Cloud is not a smoke machine.  It is a low lying dry ice fog.

Yes. Our Dancing on a Cloud effect is created by rapidly evaporating dry ice. There are no chemicals, no residues, no oils. It is safe for carpets, safe for dresses, and safe for dance floors.

No. It is a low-lying fog created by carbon dioxide. There is no particulate matter and no heat. Since carbon dioxide is heavier than air, it stays low to the ground and will not set off any smoke or fire detectors.

The full effect of the Dancing on a Cloud is around 3 minutes. Plenty of time for a first dance!

Pricing of the Dancing on a Cloud starts at $500 when added to a wedding DJ or wedding photo booth package.

Photo Gallery of Dancing on a Cloud