Disc Jockeys

We Know How To Throw A Party!

Pro Sound & Light Show is a family of highly talented DJs and Entertainers. We LOVE music and are great at interacting with crowds to create the results you want for your party.

Our DJs come from many walks of life. Some have full-time careers and DJ on the side. Others are full-time students and DJ to pay their way through college. And others are full-time DJs working with Pro Sound & Light Show to provide extraordinary customer service and celebrate with our many great clients.

Disc Jockey Entertainment

Pro Sound & Light Show started out as a mobile DJ company in 1991.  In the 30 years we have been celebrating with clients and rocking parties all over Minnesota & Wisconsin, we’ve learned a thing or two about the importance of a good DJ for an event.

Wedding DJs

The large majority of events that we provide mobile disc jockey services for are weddings.  All of our wedding DJs are specially trained for wedding receptions.  They act as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and can host your celebration for you so you can sit back, relax, and be a guest at your own wedding.

School Dance DJs

Pro Sound & Light Show’s school dance DJ packages are popular with many schools. We regularly rock homecoming, snow balls, valentines dances, father/daughter dances, mother/son dances, and proms. We have the latest radio-edited music that all the kids love, and can provide epic school dance light shows.


Life Celebration & Party DJs

When planning any kind of life celebration, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, company parties, etc, you want to have a fun time. Our Professional mobile party DJs can customize the music and experience for you and your guests to create the result you want.

DJ Trivia Hosts

Pro Sound & Light Show is the local affiliate for DJ Trivia, the best live hosted bar & restaurant trivia in the nation. Designed to help local establishments sell more food & beverage, attracting more customers every week, our entertaining DJ Trivia hosts keep players coming back with our DJ Trivia league.

About Your DJ

Your Professional DJ will be scheduled 30-60 days before your event.  The majority of our amazing, award winning DJs are working events 3-4 weekends each month.  So to manage everyones schedules, time-off, vacation plans, etc.  our Entertainment Manager assigns the best-fit DJ based on the information we get during the planning process.

Experience Is The Difference

The biggest difference between our DJs is their Experience Level.  This is based on the number of events they have performed at, the amount of additional training above & beyond what we provide in-house, and the quality and quantitiy of their reviews from past clients.

While our training program is comprehensive and ensures that our Professional DJs can take care of your event, there are just some things that only come with experience.  Such as handling a drunk uncle, or knowing the in’s & outs of your venue because they have performed there a dozen times before.

Can I Pick My DJ?

Short Answer: Yes. If there is a specific DJ you would like to personally request, we will verify their availability for your date. If they are available, there is a Pre-Selected DJ Fee.

Professional DJ

Fun Wedding DJ

Professionally Trained DJ  – They have completed our intensive training class, and have assisted and shadowed a number of events.  They have performed and passed a “mock-wedding” with our management.

Request a specific Professional DJ for $100

Diamond DJ

Fun Wedding DJ

An Experienced, Top-Rated DJ – They have been with us for several years, and completed our Diamond MC training program. They have performed at dozens of events and maintain a top review rating.

Request a specific Diamond DJ for $200

Signature DJ

Fun Wedding DJ

An Exclusive Expert DJ – They partner with you to create a truly unique event experience. Our Signature DJs have performed at HUNDREDS of events, and are skilled entertainers.  They are also ordained officiants and accomplished public speakers.

Request a specific Signature DJ for $400

Signature DJs