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In October 2011, a school announced its fall dance. The annual event was popular, and students, teachers and parents worked together to create a fun, exciting evening. One of the parents recommended an inexpensive school event DJ he heard about from a family friend. Although the school had not worked with the DJ before, it wanted to save money where possible. On the evening of the dance, kids were exposed to inappropriate music because the school event DJ didn’t have experience working at events for middle school kids. Parents were upset with the choice of entertainment. Instead of discussing another great fall dance, people could only talk about “that DJ.”

Looking back, that dance committee probably wished it had invested in quality DJ entertainment services. The fallout caused by the music played at the dance outweighed the money “saved” in contracting with an amateur school event DJ. Every year, PTAs and school group committees plan events such as homecomings, Halloween dances, and winter balls. Often, these events serve as fundraisers, bringing in much needed dollars for schools and organizations. Some of these events will be unsuccessful because of the lack of investment in event entertainment. Great music is linked with excellent events, and experienced school event DJs know what it takes to accomplish both.

Tom Kenemore, owner and “chief entertainment officer” of Pro Sound & Light Show & Absolute Celebrations, believes that schools can host amazing events with quality disc jockeys without busting their budgets. Pro Sound has worked with hundreds of schools in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over two decades. His company offers various packages for schools to choose from to meet their needs. No school should have to compromise its chance for a successful event by relying on an inexperienced DJ. These “fly-by-night” DJs include people who perform DJ services as a part time job, people who lack proper equipment, and people who don’t have access to the types of music needed to adapt to any situation. The type of music played at a dance is totally different from the type of music played at a student recognition event. Pro Sound’s school event DJs are specially trained and know how to perform a wide variety of events.

When it comes to choosing music for school events, any DJ won’t do. There’s no room for uninsured and inexpensive DJs with minimal experience. When people talk about “that DJ,” when discussing Pro Sound, it’s in conjunction with fantastic events. Tom and his team have worked hard to build their reputation, and they will continue to provide quality services for school events for years to come.

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