Avoiding Outdoor Wedding Challenges

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Avoiding Outdoor Wedding ChallengesBy Samuel Kaspszak – As we enjoy this beautiful summer and celebrate with so many wonderful clients, it is easy to overlook those little technical points that are so critical to each events success! Things like where is the power coming from are often taken for granted if not completely ignored!

There are so many more complex challenges to occupy ones mind! However, these small things can make or break an evening! Many clients choose to have their weddings outdoors. This can make for some amazing events! It can also present challenges.

The two major challenges that come to mind are weather and utilities. As you plan your outdoor event, make sure to account for rain, excessive heat and heavy winds. No one expects their day to deal with these kinds of challenges, but they can arise. Make sure your ceremony has an alternate location with cover in case of rain; not only for your guests, but for the service providers with sensitive electronics (videographer, photographer, sound reinforcement, DJ, etc).

Make sure you have plenty of water and possibly even fans in case of hot and/or humid weather. Make sure your tent or structure has sides in case of heavy winds! A word on utilities, most of your service providers will require power of some sort. Videographers and Photographers need to charge batteries and power computers or tablets, your bar may need to refrigerate or heat items, your food service may have similar needs. Of course your DJ entertainment will also need power. If you are considering using generators for power, test them thoroughly beforehand and make sure you have an ample supply of fuel!

We have experienced generators that have failed even this year, and though we and other service providers will work hard to solve such a problem, most service providers will not have a backup for you. To allow your day to be the one you’ve dreamed of, it pays to take the time to ground yourself in the little details that can make or break your day! Best wishes to all of our clients!

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