Do couples NEED to hire wedding entertainment? (as in DJ or Photo Booth)

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wedding dj

We are often quite busy attending wedding shows here at Pro Sound & Light Show. 

With the many different shows that we attend throughout the year in Duluth, St. Cloud, and Minneapolis / St. Paul.

At these wedding shows I have the pleasure of talking to hundreds of couples planning what is to be one of the biggest events of their lives.

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Through those conversations, asking us about our services, what we do, what makes us different from other DJ companies in the area, I started thinking about the answers I was giving.

And I came to a profound realization.

Couples like you do not NEED to hire wedding DJ entertainment.

When it comes to planning a wedding reception, especially if this is your FIRST marriage, it can be an overwhelming experience.

The wedding industry in the United States is a $51 Billion/year industry (source) which means there is the potential for companies and vendors to see weddings as nothing but a means to a paycheck.

This is why I put emphasis on the word “NEED” in the statement above.

Why do couples choose to get married?  Why did they propose, or say “Yes!” to a proposal of marriage?

Do they NEED to get married?

I think that the real reason couples get married is because they WANT to.

Couples WANT to spend the rest of their life with this person they are in love with.

They WANT to have a celebration of their love, and whether they know what the wedding day is going to look like or not, they know the end result that they WANT to achieve.

You should choose Pro Sound & Light Show to partner in the success of your wedding celebration because... you WANT to.

Aaron Abramson - CEO, Pro Sound & Light Show

When couples ask me about the Services & Packages that Pro Sound & Light Show offers to its clients, I am thrilled to provide that information.

And when they ask me why they should choose Pro Sound & Light Show…

My answer to that is: “You should choose Pro Sound & Light Show to partner in the success of your wedding celebration because… you WANT to.”

How does a couple know whether they WANT to hire Pro Sound & Light Show?

The answer is different for every couple. Here are some reasons given by past clients:

Reasons why couples choose a Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJ

  • The proof given by so many positive reviews & awards
  • Referred by another Pro Sound & Light Show client
  • The great value received through a sale or promotion
  • The experience and ability to help in the planning process
  • The passion for, and love of what we do
  • The different personalities of our many DJs

These reasons are also why Pro Sound & Light Show is the areas most Award Winning wedding DJ company.

The reasons why thousands of couples have WANTED to work with Pro Sound & Light Show over the past 25 years are unique for every single couple.

No two couples are the same.

No two weddings are the same.

No two reasons are the same.

But in the end, the result has been the same… they WANTED Pro Sound & Light Show.

I want you to have what you want!

If you, as a newly engaged couple, are planning a wedding celebration… My wish is for you to have the wedding that you want to have.

There are many vendors and companies in our area who can help you with your wedding.

Including other DJ & Event Lighting companies who provide services similar to Pro Sound & Light Show.

Whether you choose to hire Pro Sound & Light Show, or another company, my sincere desire is that you get the wedding that you want.


To help you decide exactly what you want for your wedding, or to determine whether or not you want to work with Pro Sound & Light Show, we would love to listen to you about your wedding.

Call us at 888-347-5562 and we will answer all of your questions!

Pro Sound & Light Show

Pro Sound & Light Show

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