Minnesota Wedding DJ Love Story

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Minnesota Wedding DJ Love StoryOne of the unique services we offer is a Minnesota Wedding DJ Love Story!  Your Minnesota Wedding DJ will read this live at your reception right before your first dance.  Here is an example of what a Minnesota Wedding DJ Love Story would look like (real names and locations have been removed to protect privacy)

Minnesota Wedding DJ Love Story:

Chance brought Janet and Tim together as children. Little did they know then that fate was playing a hand in each day that would lead them to this moment. As we join together today to celebrate the marriage of Janet and Tim, let’s take a moment to reflect on the events that would shape the rest of their lives. This is their love story.

As a child in Hayward, Wisconsin, Tim lived next door to the grandparents of a little girl he had no idea was to be his future wife. Janet remembers Tim as a goofy boy with big lips and a fluffy bowl cut hair cut.  She too was unaware of the role this little boy would play in her life.
Fast forward to late July 2008. That same little girl, all grown up, was enjoying a night of dancing with friends at Nick’s Night Club. Now a young man, Tim asked Janet’s friend Jim who she was.  Tim couldn’t stay long but they were reintroduced to each other, neither thinking much of it at the time.
A couple months later, and now 21, Janet was out at Junior’s Bar with a mutual friend. Janet and Tim starting talking and realized they were both friends with Lisa Johnson. Lisa was the perfect person for Tim to quiz about this lovely lady, Janet. Or as Tim remembers it, harassing Lisa to bring Janet to Hayward, which Lisa did and Janet and Tim were able to hangout and talk. Tim remembers playing it really smooth, by refusing to buy Janet a drink unless she agreed to drink what he was drinking. However, their first date would come in October of 2008.
It happened to be Halloween and Janet and Tim went to a party at Nick’s Night Club. Janet, dressed as a sexy little red riding hood and Tim dressed as King Arthur. To end the night they split a sub from Subway and snuggled. As Janet remembers there was “No hanky panky!”
While they didn’t officially become a couple until mid November of 2008, from that point on Janet and Tim were inseparable. However at that time, neither of them saw themselves ever getting married.

After enduring many struggles together, and having been able to refrain from killing each other, Janet realized their relationship could withstand anything. For Tim, having changed his mind so easily about marriage after four years with Janet, he realized that marriage was the next logical step. Everything just began falling into place. As their respect and love for each other grew, Janet and Tim began talking about marriage.
One day, Tim went to Duluth with Janet’s mother under the guise of helping her Mother with a few things. Actually, Janet’s Mother was helping Tim select the perfect ring for Janet.

November 17th was just another day. While Janet worked at Kohl’s, Tim was home with the kids. Janet had mentioned that she wanted to go to Duluth for dancing and margaritas. So with the children in the care of a babysitter they made their way to Tim’s favorite place, Blackwoods. When they got there Tim seemed anxious and irritable. Janet ordered shrimp for dinner and then excused herself to the ladies room. During the few minutes Janet was away, Tim ran to the kitchen and asked the chef to put the ring on Janet’s shrimp before it was sent to the table. The chef told him it was too late for the shrimp, but that he would figure something out. Tim was back at the table when Janet returned, as if nothing were amiss.  She had no idea what was about to happen, but in retrospect , Janet says it was written all over Tim’s face.

After dinner, the chef approached  Janet and Tim’s table bringing with him a beautiful dessert and said “This is the most expensive dessert to come out of this kitchen.” The whole restaurant turned to look as the chef presented Janet a lovely cheese cake, with a twinkling diamond ring perched on top. The chef also brought  champagne and two champagne flutes.  When Tim stood up, Janet felt as if the room were spinning.  The lights were dim, the music stopped, and the only sound was Janet’s beating heart. Tim got on his knee, grabbing the ring and licking off the chocolate and cheesecake in the process. Tim looked at Janet and she could see the fear in his eyes. The only word he could get out was “well?” Janet turned away trying not to cry, then looked at him and said “yes!!!!”
In Janet’s own words; Tim is the most perfect man for me because we understand each other, respect each other, and work hard at doing the best we can for our kids and relationship. I love him!

Tim says about Janet; She puts up with me and she keeps me in line. We know everything about each other. Janet has a very big heart and will do anything possible for me. Between her, me, and our foster kids, we have been a family for four years and there isn’t another person I would choose to share my life with.  She is the woman I will spend the rest of my life with! I love her unconditionally.
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