Pro Sound Provides Corporate Conference Services

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The Very Best In Seminar Support From The Most Personal Team In The Industry

For over Twenty Three years, Pro Sound and Light Show has offered Event Entertainment to well over 15,000 events in the Upper Midwest.  As a result, not only have we gained the skills to entertain, but we have also served many corporate clients looking for audio and visual support for their conferences, annual events and of course company parties.  Our staff is knowledgeable, professional and above all, personally invested in building the very best framework for each and every seminar and conference we serve.

We offer a wide variety of services and equipment to our corporate clients. A compact and efficient audio setup can allow your team to fully engage with your speaker, assuring a clear, vibrant presentation. Maybe you have a larger team and your presentation involves audio, visuals and even video. We work with you to create a solid vision of what the event should achieve and match the technical and staff assignments to create that vision with the most value and savings possible. With our 23 years of experience, we know that creating these kinds of events can be stressful, complicated and budget intensive. Your company deserves a team that not only creates the results you are looking for, but stands on your side when making decisions about necessities and what can be spared.

We believe that it is the personal touch that can solve many of the traditional challenges of corporate events. Many clients tell us that some traditional vendors have personal priorities above those of the clients, over stretched and/or outdated equipment or just plain impersonal service. A rental service can get you what you need but this leaves you or one of your staff with the task of becoming a technical crew member. Hotels and conference centers often have equipment on site, but very often, the person setting it up will not be present or is a completely different person from who will be running the event! We believe that you deserve a professional to be with you from the beginning to the end and for events that last multiple days or require more than one staff; you should know that each member of the team knows you, your needs and that you can comfortably speak with them.

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We offer you:

-Sound reinforcement custom designed for groups from 10 to 1000!
-Wireless microphone, lapel microphones and headset units for all speaking needs!
-Custom PowerPoint, Keynote or any other kind of presentation design!
-One camera, on screen video for large presentations!
-Event outline support for groups just starting to hold conferences and corporate events.
-Uplighting and other forms of event lighting to add color, flair and professionalism to your event.
-Fully staffed office hours 9-6 Monday through Thursday and 9-5 Fridays as well as On-Call support 24/7 for all ongoing events!
-All equipment necessary to create the effect you desire
-Custom quotes generated from your needs, not set package pricing that forces you to purchase items you won’t use!

We have had the pleasure of serving many different groups and speakers, here are just a few!

Klemmer and Associates
Essentia Health Systems
Duluth Clinic
Total Luxury Limo
Market America Twin Cities Local Conference
Troy McClain of the Apprentice and Professional Speaker
Bob Harrison – Professional Speaker
Lance Wallnau – Professional Speaker
Holiday Inn Duluth
Bacardi – Bombay Sapphire product showings
Mercy foundation
ARC Northland

Finally, one of our most recent clients, Mr. Troy McClain gave us a review that explains the core principles by which we serve our clients.

“Recently, I had the privilege of working with Tom and his team at Pro Sound and Light show for a speaking event in San Diego California. As a professional speaker and entertainer I know the difference between a good performance and great performance comes down to having the right team in place and the proper use of sound and lighting. When sound and lighting is not properly performed and the team is not aligned the outcome is assured for failure. Thank goodness Tom and his team understand this and work at a level beyond professional to ensure the highest quality of both light and sound. Not only do they have the equipment and team in place, they also take the time to understand your personal needs, requirements and personality. I would recommend them for any event wanting the highest level of professionalism and most personal lighting and sound team in the industry! “
Troy McClain
Professional speaker

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Pro Sound & Light Show

Pro Sound & Light Show

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