Unique & Memorable Minnesota Wedding Reception Idea – Your Love Story

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The Love Story is by far one of our favorite parts of the night and we wish all DJs could get a chance to do this for their clients. By the time we are finished writing your Love Story, we really get to know who you are.

That knowledge allows us to customize and personalize your wedding reception even more.  Now everybody that shows up at your wedding knows why they are there that day, but they may not know just how much effort went into making this day a reality for you. This is their chance to learn how you met, who said ‘I love you’ first, what was the proposal like… and much more!

Listed below are several questions. This works best if you both write out your answers alone, and do not let your partner see what you have written.

You may be surprised to find out how different those stories usually are, especially from an emotional standpoint. When you are each done with what you want to say, seal your responses up in the envelopes provided in this packet and mail them back to us. Please include your names and reception date at the top of the pages. Questions labeled BOTH means that you both need to answer that question, and the sections labeled BRIDE or GROOM are only to be answered by that person.

Your Love Story will be read just before your first dance together as husband and wife.


In order to write the best Love Stories we will need your information 30 days or more prior to your reception. We cannot guarantee your Love Story will be ready if we receive the information any later than that.  Want even more help?  Go here for a sample love story.


Begin with WHEN, WHERE and HOW you met. Please include the actual date. Tell us everything you remember about that meeting.


Next explain how the first date transpired. Again, be specific about the date, where you went, what you did and how the date ended. Tell us everything that you can remember or can repeat in front of your friends and family.


How long did you continue to date before you got engaged?


When did you realize that this was the man for you? Please explain in great detail the circumstances surrounding his proposal. Did you know the proposal was coming, or were you completely surprised?

Was he acting strange on the day of the proposal? Please include the date of the proposal.  Please finish your Love Story by writing a short paragraph telling us the reasons why he is the perfect man for you.


When did you realize that this was the woman you wanted to marry? Please explain in great detail the process of picking out, buying the ring, and making the arrangements for the proposal. Do you think she knew you were going to propose that day? Why? What was her reaction to the proposal?

Please include the date of the proposal.

Please finish your Love Story by writing a short paragraph telling us the reasons why she is the perfect woman for you.

Again, complete and return this information with your names & wedding date 30 days or more prior to your wedding reception:

Preferably through your online planning account or

By Mail: Pro Sound & Light Show, 350 Garfield Ave, Suite 5, Duluth, MN 55802

By Fax: 1-888-255-3132

By Email: info@pro-1.com

Any questions, just call us!

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