A Warning from Professional Minnesota School Dance DJs

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School Dance DJ MinnesotaJust say no to iPODS!

Be wary of Minnesota school dance DJs with iPods or other home stereo equipment. iPods and MP3 players are not designed for professional use and may greatly reduce the quality of your event. Some dance planners think anyone can be a DJ if they have a big music library on their music players. This can be a recipe for a lot of complaining students and parents. Many of these non-professional DJs use questionable downloaded music that may not be appropriate or edited. Do you want to deal with those calls from concerned parents?

Did you know that many cheap DJ companies are run by individuals or companies that have not received appropriate training? No training means limited to no music knowledge, which also means complaints and an empty dance floor. Many of these so called “companies” are just a person and a cell phone and do not have the proper insurance. We get calls every year from frantic planners who thought they had a Minnesota school dance DJ reserved only to find that the company they choose is either out of business, double booked, or they just simply disappeared. We hear these stories all the time. Do you really need that additional stress?

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