Wedding Reception Traditions : Garter & Bouquet Toss

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Weddings are a formal occasion, and they come with many ceremonies & traditions.  When most people think of a wedding, the only “ceremony” that comes to mind is the actual marriage ceremony.

However, there are actually many “ceremonies” that take place throughout the days festivities.

Today, we are taking a look at the ceremony of the Garter & Bouquet.

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There is tradition behind the ceremonial removal of the Garter, and the tossing of the Bouquet & Garter to the single men & women in attendance.

However, tradition does not make it a requirement for every wedding reception.

It is the Bride & Grooms choice whether to do a ceremonial Garter & Bouquet toss

Or do something different in its place

Or skip it entirelyPro Sound & Light Show

When choosing to do a Garter removal & Bouquet toss, having it at the right time is very important.

Scheduling it too early in the night or too late in the night can have an impact on guest involvement, energy level, and engagement.

Pro Sound & Light Show recommends building up the anticipation to the ceremony, making the whole event fun & memorable.

Above all, the Garter Removal should be tasteful & family friendly.

Pro Sound & Light Show DJs set the stage…

  • A Bride
  • A Groom
  • Their family & Friends
  • An entertaining experience

All to create amazing photos & memories to help remember just how much fun you and your guests had at your wedding reception.

A Story in Pictures

The following photographs taken by photography team Al & Lyndsey Johnson of On3 Photography at Chris & Erin’s Wedding Reception at Greysolon Ballroom with Pro Sound & Light Show.

6 Reception 06106 Reception 06116 Reception 06126 Reception 06156 Reception 06166 Reception 06136 Reception 06146 Reception 06176 Reception 06196 Reception 06226 Reception 06236 Reception 06276 Reception 06296 Reception 06306 Reception 06336 Reception 0634

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