Ideas and Tips for Honoring Special Guests at your Wedding

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On your special day, there are so many people that come together to make sure that you have the best start to your marriage that you possibly can! It can be tricky to properly acknowledge everyone and still have time to actually enjoy your evening! Here are a few tips to make your job easier, too add a few classy touches, and most importantly, help you make sure everyone knows how thankful you are for them!

Acknowledging Relatives

  • Honor & Recognize Parents & Grandparents

One of the most important groups to acknowledge is relatives, especially parents and grandparents! They have been with you your whole life, seen you grow from a baby to this day, putting love, care, and most of their waking moments into you and your success! Not to mention, often helping physically, mentally, spiritually and financially to create this dream day.

An amazing way to share your thankfulness for them is to have your Master of Ceremonies acknowledge them in the opening welcome to your guests. Share with your MC how long they have been married, recent accomplishments, or special ways they contributed to the wedding.

Your MC should know how to give a classy, professional, and heartfelt speech, so this will not be a problem for them! You may even think about adding them into your grand march for even more attention for them!

Wedding Party Recognition

  • Honor & Recognize the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen in the Wedding Party

Of course we cannot forget the Wedding Party, Ushers and Personal Attendants! These are your friends and/or family, the people who probably know you the best and your day to day support. They deserve a grand acknowledgement, and what better way than to use your grand march!

Your Master of Ceremonies can help you again; they will have many unique ideas to share. One very fun idea is to have custom introductions for each wedding party member!

This is a lot easier than it sounds, just come up with 3 – 5 highlights, or bullet points describing each member of the party.

Something like this: (John Smith, Is obsessed with Hockey, Known for flipping his canoe every summer, is married to Sarah Smith for 4 years).

Of course the details can be anything you like. Your Master of Ceremonies will turn it into something like this, “Next into the room is John Smith! He has been married to the lovely Sarah Smith for 4 amazing years, Spends every winter watching his favorite Hockey Teams and Spends each summer tipping over his canoe! Give a huge welcome to John Smith!”

This can be done many ways, but they are all high energy, loads of fun for your guests, and acknowledge your amazing set of friends you chose to spend your day with!

Speeches & Toasts

  • Introduce Speakers for Speeches & Toasts

One more great idea is to acknowledge each person toasting you with a custom introduction from your Master of Ceremonies!  Again, all that is needed are just a few words about each speaker and of course the correct pronunciation of their name.

This adds a ton of class to the speeches and of course acknowledges them for the gift they are giving you with their presence and the speech.

You may also consider giving a speech yourself, it is always good form to acknowledge your guests for coming, especially those who traveled a distance to be there!

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