Ben & Katie’s Wedding at Dellwood Hills Country Club

By DJ Aaron Abramson – Black Friday!  While most of America was up early shopping for deals, I was traveling down to Dellwood MN, a nice suburb on the north side of the Twin Cities to DJ Ben & Katie’s wedding.  The Dellwood Hills Country Club is a very nice venue, and I enjoyed working with the staff there to make the event a success.  We did the ceremony, and afterwards there was a receiving line/cocktail hour in an adjacent room while the staff reset the main room for “dinner”.  There wasn’t really dinner, rather an extended cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres.  But after an hour or so we kicked off the dance floor and partied it up.

I had met with Ben & Katie in person the week before to go over the details for their big day, and this was a very fun couple.  They are blessed with great friends and family, and I was honored to play a role in making sure their day turned out the way they wanted it to, with lots of energy and excitement, and everyone having a blast.

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