Have An Amazing Wedding Dance And Help Us Bring A Little Amazing To Those In Need


Moose Lake Minnesota School FloodingOn June 20th, 2012, over ten inches of rain blanketed the Northland on the first day of summer.

The sudden rush of water created flash floods, sinks holes, submerged basements, and destroyed homes.

Much of the damage was in already struggling areas and many lost everything.

Some of the hardest hit areas include Duluth, Superior, Moose Lake, Cloquet, Thompson/Esko and Barnum in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Pro Sound and Light Show has a long history of partnering with our clients and many other organizations to help those in need.

We were there for hurricane Katrina, we sent aid for the tsunami and the disaster in Japan, and we have always taken pride in donating toys each year to the Toyland Express.

Now the challenge is here, in our backyard, and we are committed to doing all we can to help.

We have created an opportunity for you to create an incredible win/win.

When you reserve with Pro Sound and Light Show between July 1st and July 20th 2012, we will make a donation in your name(s), (Package 1 $10, Package 2 $20, Package 3 $30, Package 4 $40).

This money will go to community based projects and relief efforts in a targeted way, so that every penny will be spent on the people who need it.

So not only are you getting the best wedding entertainment money can buy, but you will also help a family in need, for a true win/win.Duluth Minnesota Flood Fundraiser


When we think about being of service and contribution, we like to think big, so when the need arose, we thought of more ways to help.

Pro Sound and Light Show will be donating a further $5000 worth of DJ services to the areas most affected.

We will be partnering with other local businesses to put on Volunteer Appreciation/Family Fun Parties in each area.

They will be free to attend and feature our amazing MC’s & DJ’s with their best games, interactions, and dances!

What better way to serve the community than to give them a reason to smile, laugh, dance and celebrate the amazing cities we live in!

Also, these events will contain a fundraising element to further create resources to help the affected families!

That means the money that was donated in honor of your booking with us today has the potential to double, triple or even more!

That’s leveraging a good thing.

That is the idea behind everything we do here at Pro Sound.

What better way to start our relationship as we look toward your wedding day.

We know that we will make your day amazing, help us bring a little amazing to those in need.Barnum Minnesota Flood Fundraiser

For more information and to make your reservation contact Pro Sound & Light Show at 888-347-5562, www.pro-1.com/difference, or info@pro-1.com.