Dellwood Hills Country Club Wedding DJ Review


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Austin was our DJ and we could not have asked for a better experience. He was very friendly, professional, he listened and communicated with me throughout the night, and towards the end of the night came out on the dance floor and joined us to some hip-hop (which we all thought was so awesome). I highly recommend pro sound and light!

Briana and Chad’s wedding at Dellwood Hills Country Club in Dellwood MN on 9/1/2018 with DJ Austin Burley

Pre Event Service
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Initial Telephone Interview Perfect
Friendliness of Contact Perfect
Promptness of DJ Good

DJ Related Questions
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Overall Quality of Service at your event. Perfect
DJ’s Overall Performance Perfect
DJ’s Attire Perfect
Overall Equipment Appearance Perfect

General Performance Questions
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Music Selection Perfect
Promptness of Request being Played Excellent
Quality of Music (Sound) Perfect
Volume Control Perfect
Microphone Skills Perfect

General Questions
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How helpful were we in planning your event? 100%
How much would you attribute the success of your event to the DJ? 60%
Please rate the price you paid for service. Good. Service was very good compared to the price we paid.
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We had an incorrect email for Austin and didn’t get to talk to him until the day before, but it all worked out and was a very small hiccup in the pre-wedding process. We were very happy with him. Because of all of the other “moving parts” at our wedding, we feel that 60% success rate was the highest possible rating with all other things considered.