Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN Wedding DJ Review


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ProSounds Service was Exceptional!  Our DJ, specifically, was Phenomenal! I could not have done any better anywhere else at all – Michael P. was Beyond A+++, The myriads of comments/compliments from my guests would make him Blush and make ProSound Proud.  Amazing and I thank you for a Super Event!  (Mike gave us the most thorough consult over the telephone I have ever had, his personality fit us like a glove and had us laughing and at ease about the event, ProSound should not only promote him, but consider him an Uber Wedding Planner! Guests and Staff at Venue have endlessly commented on the superior results and there wasn’t a single person who did not join in the dancing – selection of music, done all by him, resulted in every age group participating in fun and frivolity!)

Patrick’s Wedding on 7/8/2016 with DJ Mike Parent at Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN