Greysolon Moorish Room Wedding DJ Review


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Kept folks on the dance floor all night long! Tons of people have said they really enjoyed the music and they loved the mix of songs. Nick really understood our taste and did a great job of balancing our weird taste in music with things that the whole wedding could enjoy. And everyone danced, from ages 1 to 70!

Travis & Betsy’s wedding on 8/25/2018 at Greysolon Moorish Room with DJ Nick Freeman

Pre Event Service
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Initial Telephone Interview Perfect
Friendliness of Contact Perfect
Promptness of DJ Excellent

DJ Related Questions
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Overall Quality of Service at your event. Perfect
DJ’s Overall Performance Perfect
DJ’s Attire Excellent
Overall Equipment Appearance Perfect

General Performance Questions
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Music Selection Excellent
Promptness of Request being Played N/A
Quality of Music (Sound) Perfect
Volume Control Excellent
Microphone Skills Excellent

General Questions
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How helpful were we in planning your event? 100%
How much would you attribute the success of your event to the DJ? 30%
Please rate the price you paid for service. Excellent! Service far exceeded the price we paid.
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It was like, 1/3 Greysolon, 1/3 ProSound, and 1/3 my two years of planning. 30% sounds so low, but it took all three parts to make this event as special as it was. Heard nothing but compliments from not only the guests, but the staff and coordinators at Greysolon said it was one of the best weddings they’ve ever seen.