Summit Chalet Wedding DJ in Lutsen MN Review


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Our DJ, Tyler, was absolutely phenomenal. He did a great job communicating with us and managing timing of various events. He made even the grumpiest, most reluctant dancers have a great time. Our Wedding ceremony and reception were 100% stress free, largely due to Tyler.

Jacob & Amanda’s wedding at Summit Chalet in Lutsen MN on 6/2/2018 with DJ Tyler Maki

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Before the ceremony, we had a sudden change from outdoor to indoor ceremony due to rain, he made sure he was still in line with expectations and managed the change very well. Had excellent background music playing as guests came in and during the wedding party entrance.

During dinner, worked closely with us to make sure timing of toasts, etc, lined up with our expectations. Had great unobtrusive music playing softly.

Managed the tempo of the party/dancing very well. Allowed for breaks and masterfully pulled people people back to the dance floor. He personally led the cupid shuffle, which impressed many of our guests. Our guests were probably more introverted than average and nearly everyone was dancing. One guests danced so hard he ripped his pants. 11/10.

Kept everything playful and made sure everyone had a great time.