Eau Claire Wedding DJ Review

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“I was so amazed with Pro Sound and Light. To start, they discounted the package to a competitors price. Next, because we had already exceeded our budget to hire Pro Sound and Light, we had a pretty late start time. However, the DJ, himself, told us that his personal philosophy was to begin playing when the guests arrived, which was 2.5 hours before when we paid to start having the DJ play! He did not charge us for those extra 2.5 hours! Talk about amazing. Then, the bride went to the ER for dehydration and the DJ was absolutely invaluable for keeping the crowd entertained and pretended like nothing happened. It takes a special DJ to keep things going like he was able to. Absolutely amazing. I have already told everyone how amazing Pro Sound & Light are, and especially the DJ that we had. Absolutely amazing!”

Lida’s wedding on 6/23/2012 with DJ Sam Kaspszak at the Metropolis Resort in Eau Claire, WI.