Jessica Morgan

About Jessica Morgan

A resident in Duluth, MN since graduating from Lawrence University in 2016 with a bachelor of arts in music and English, Jessica Morgan works at Pro Sound and Light Show as a wedding DJ, DJ Trivia host and “jack of all trades” office assistant.

In addition to DJing, Jessica works as a freelance writer and copy editor. She is currently working on starting her own blog and putting together a small clarinet studio. During her “free time,” Jess enjoys jamming with friends and her collection of instruments (clarinet, ukulele, keyboard, didgeridoo, saxophone, jaw harp…), writing poetry, or dreaming up new ways to add to her “toolbox of skills.” When she is ready to unwind, though, Jess wanders outside to one of Duluth’s trails, sits with a cup of tea, attends a live music event, or binge plays Nintendo games.

When asked why Jess started to work at Pro Sound and Light Show, she explained, “I loved my college experience, but in a jazz and classical music setting, I never got to learn about sound equipment and explore music in all of the ways I wanted to. Working as a DJ allows me to look at the entertainment industry from a new perspective and build on my stage performance skills. As I work on creating my own music, it’s great practice for me to get in front of people as much as possible. I’ve really enjoyed being able to do that as a DJ and emcee. DJing also helps me to keep myself accountable to continue listening to both new and old music closely and widely.”

Her favorite part of DJing weddings is “seeing all of the different choices that people make on their big day and how different every wedding can be, despite the typical structure being the same.” The day of an event, Jessica says she enjoys “stretching [herself] in new ways to cater to the tastes of each couple and crowd.”

“The dinner speeches always get me, too. I’m convinced that siblings give the best dinner toasts. I’m a pretty empathetic and “feelsy” person and sometimes I want to cry along with everyone else. Even though I just met everyone! Some people are just great storytellers.”

But before the big dance gets started, she “puts her extravert hat on and gets ready to party.”

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