Sample Love Story read by your Pro Sound Wedding DJ in Minnesota or Wisconsin

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Here is what some of our clients have said about the Love Story as read by their Pro Sound & Light Show DJ in Minnesota & Wisconsin:

“The Love Story was a paid, added on feature that we HAD TO HAVE. I loved the fact that all of our guests would get to know about how we met, the first kiss, the proposal and who we are as a couple in such a unique and wonderful way. It was so worth it…and I just wanted to say, it was PERFECT! Our guests loved getting to know these things about us, especially those extended family members. They said how wonderful they thought it was!” — Michael & Janet Cotterman, Burnsville MN

“We got a lot of compliments and we really liked the music selection played. We LOVED the Love Story! There wasn’t a dry eye in the building and it was by far the most talked about moment of the day.” — Justin & Lindsay Korus, Zimmerman MN

Here’s a sample Love Story:

Fate first brought them together at the annual St. Scholastica Halloween dance. Aaron’s alter ego of the night, Hugh Hefner, got his eye on a cute Go-Go girl and immediately knew there was something special about her, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. The Go-Go dancer, however, was not impressed with his arrogant playboy attitude and made it quite clear that she was not about to be added to Hef’s harem.

Fate was not going to let Jen off the hook that easily though…his roommate was a friend of hers from high school, and they often ran into each other with mutual friends. By Valentine’s Day Aaron was starting to grow on her, and she readily accepted when he offered to be her Valentine date. He set the tone by surprising her at the door with one rose and a stuffed animal.

They joined friends at the Blackwoods restaurant in Duluth, and spent a pleasant evening getting to know each other much better. On the way home Jen pointed out the house she had grown up in, and then it was time for her to hit the books for a big test.

Aaron took to dropping by her room every day to say ‘hi’ as he traveled to or from classes, and as Jennifer got to know him better she was finally able to see past that cocky first impression he had made on her and get to know the ‘real’ Aaron.

They began to spend every spare minute together and before you know it 3 years had flown by. In the fall of 2004, conversations they occasionally had about getting married must have been lurking in the back of Aaron’s mind, as he started thinking about all the good and bad times that they had weathered together while still enjoying each other.

It was a time of great soul-searching for him, trying to decide what he really wanted out of life, and the only constant thread he could find was Jen. She was everything to him. He knew then that he wanted her to become his life partner.

Aaron planned the big moment very carefully. With the holidays looming their lives were very hectic, not helped at all by the fact that he was now living in Hibbing. He had made reservations at Superior Shores in Two Harbors for December 11th, but that’s not what he told Jen! As far as she knew, he was bringing her an early Christmas present, and they would have a nice dinner and stay the night at the Edgewater Hotel in Duluth.

When he picked her up that night, the dozen roses he had waiting for her were just the beginning. Aaron told her that he needed some pies from Betty’s in Two Harbors and that they were going to take a drive before checking in. As they passed Superior Shores, where they had stayed before, Aaron casually suggested ‘just checking’ to see if they had a room open…they could always ‘cancel’ the other room.

Jennifer readily went along and was not even fazed by the fact that they amazingly already had a reservation in his name! With Jen still thinking that all of this was her early Christmas present, they dressed up for dinner and enjoyed great conversation over steak, shrimp and a bottle of wine. Then Aaron announced that he had one more gift back in the room for her, and that she needed to give him five minutes before coming up. She went along but was not at all happy about being left sitting there alone. She waited a few minutes, then showed up pounding on their door to be let in.

Aaron watched her face drop as she saw that he had smuggled in candles, lit them and the fireplace, and had taken the petals from her roses and scattered them all over the room. Jen still had no idea what was coming as he led her in, seated her in front of the fireplace and opened a bottle of their favorite champagne…then dropped to his knee.

Now he had prepared a wonderful speech, but being a terrible softy all he could do was show her the ring and babble on about how much she means to him. She was so overcome she couldn’t say a word…they just cried and held each other.

Once the shock subsided, they went for a swim, not in the least bothered by all the wild traveling hockey teams in the pool. Jen and Aaron were in their own wonderful world, and Jen’s main concern was keeping her left hand completely out of the water the entire time!

Aaron says that Jen is the perfect woman for him because: “For the last five years she has been my life, my supporter, my coach and my friend. We have overcome so many obstacles to get where we are today, and I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments and who she is as a person.”

Jen says: “Aaron is the right man for me because our strengths and weaknesses offset each other. We have a lot in common too…we’re both a bit eccentric…and he always listens to what I have to say. He’s streetsmart where I’m booksmart. We compliment each other perfectly!”

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