The Wedding Ceremony

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A lot goes into a wedding ceremony. Today's blog post takes a look at our approach to having your wedding ceremony go smoothly.

Think about your favorite movie of all time.

Got it?

Would you still like it as much if there were no sound coming from the TV?

Or, if it was a terrible, distorted sound causing you to be distracted?

Perhaps, it’s barely audible, maybe there is noisy static, or the sound is intermittent.

Would you still love the movie?

The same could be true for your wedding ceremony if the sound is horrific.

You only get one chance to get it right and right it should be!

Spirit Mountain Wedding Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony in Duluth at Spirit Mountain

As a rule of thumb, for weddings with 50 guests or more, especially outside, a ceremony sound system is essential.

Yes, you could project your voice, but how romantic is it to stand with your loved one, hand in hand yelling at each other so your guests can hear or to have your wedding officiant bellow out your vows?

Do you really want to speak as loud as you can so everyone can hear your declarations?


Your ceremony should be an intimate love story with every spoken word sounding natural and tender.

You’ve invited guests to witness and hear the ceremony too.

If they can hear, then they will feel included too!

Wedding Ceremony DJ
DJs View of 1000 Wedding Ceremonies

Pro Sound & Light Show’s MN Wedding Ceremony option includes everything for you and your guests to have a beautiful ceremony experience, without worry about the technical details.

Your Pro Sound & Light Show DJ will set up an additional ceremony sound system with microphones.

The handheld wireless microphone is great if you are having someone read a scripture, say a prayer, or sing a special song.

It can be placed on a microphone stand and at the appropriate time, your participant can walk to the stand when it is their turn to read or sing. 

The professional sound tech & DJ will control the microphone volumes to make sure that everyone can hear the officiant speak, hear the vows clearly, hear any readers, and make sure there are no technical issues like feedback which can detract from the moment of the ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony package can also provide audio inputs for a guitarist or keyboardist to ensure the guests can hear the musician as well.

If you are not having a ceremony musician, and would prefer your Pro Sound & Light Show DJ to play your Processional, Unity Ceremony, and Recessional songs, then you can rest assured knowing those songs will be ready and played at the appropriate time.

When you add your Wedding Ceremony to your Pro Sound & Light Show Wedding DJ package, you gain access to our wedding ceremony planner, which helps you decide the order of the ceremony, the songs that you would like, and who is standing in what order.

So now you know – your ceremony sound should be coordinated properly because you only have one chance for it to be right.

You want your guests to be involved in every moment and they won’t be if they cannot hear it.

A quality speaker system and topnotch microphones, set up by a professional sound company, will ensure that your ceremony will be heard and enjoyed by all.

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