Planning Your Wedding Ceremony Minnesota

wedding ceremony minnesotaCongratulations on your upcoming wedding in Minnesota or Wisconsin!  This form will help you to plan your wedding ceremony Minnesota music with your DJ.  If you have Pro Sound & Light Show reserved for your wedding and ceremony, you can provide all of this information through our website, just log in to your free online planning account.

Your wedding ceremony Minnesota is one of the most important parts of the day, yet often the most overlooked in terms of planning the music to compliment it. The music you choose should reflect the overall feeling you want to start the day with, as well as the setting. Will it be spiritually elevated and rarefied…or lighthearted and more casual? Are there religious guidelines you must follow on the music, and are you allowed to bring in a DJ or musicians?

Your Wedding Ceremony Minnesota Planning Form:

Bride & Grooms Names: __________________________________________________ Reception Date: __________

Type of ceremony service: ____________________________ Officiant’s name: ______________________________

Contact number: ______________________________


Guest Arrival: ____________________

Ceremony Start: __________________

Ceremony End: __________________

Names and contact numbers of all musicians and soloists:

(Please list also the music each will play and at what point in the ceremony)



Name and address of ceremony location: ___________________________________________________________


Here is a guide to the four basic wedding ceremony Minnesota components and some suggestions for making it uniquely your own!

Prelude: This is the music you will have playing while your guests are being seated and waiting for your grand entrance. The most popular choice is soft, upbeat classical-style music. Your DJ can provide a variety of music, or if you have special selections that celebrate your love, list them below:



Processional: This is the music that plays when first the Bridal Party, then the Bride, make their appearance. Popular Bridal Party processional songs include:

Canon in D by Pachelbel

Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach

Wedding March by Wagner (popularly known as “Here Comes The Bride”)

Allegro (from “Spring” of The Four List custom selections below: Seasons) by Vivaldi

Bridal Party___________________________________________________________________________________

Bride _______________________________________________________________________________________

Ceremony: This is an excellent time to incorporate a favorite piece of music, or even a solo by a musician or treasured family friend. This can be very traditional music, music to accompany a candle-lighting or sand ceremony, or simply a song that’s very personal and meaningful to you.  Popular ceremony choices include:

Ave Maria by Schubert

Oh Promise me

I Love You Truly

Wind Beneath My Wings

List custom selections, and when they are to be played, below:



Recessional: This is the joyous music that sweeps you back down the aisle. Again, any upbeat music that conveys pure celebration will work.  The most popular recessional choice is:

Wedding March by Mendelssohn

Custom selections:



Other important ceremony considerations:

Microphones – In order for your guests to hear your exchange of vows you will need to use a microphone. One is usually sufficient, held by the officiant, or on a stand to share between the couple and the officiant.  Please note that if your wedding ceremony Minnesota is outdoors, wind can potentially cause some background noise.

Coordinate song lengths and timings with your Minnesota wedding DJ – Your DJ will need to know approximately how long it will take for all members of the Bridal Party to reach their positions from the start of their music. Your DJ will fade songs out at the appropriate times, and will need to know if any songs during your wedding ceremony Minnesota are to be faded out and at what point, or if they are to be played in their entirety.

Please describe anything else your Minnesota wedding DJ should know about your ceremony:



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