Wedding Ceremony Tips and Tricks!

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Wedding Ceremony

When you think about your big day, many things come to mind.

You may think of the elegance of the dresses, the beauty of the decorations, the dancing and laughter of your guests.  So many details go in to the reception of your dreams, sometime the ceremony can be over shadowed.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure your ceremony is all that it can be.


Chose your wedding ceremony site carefully, it is where you will make one of the biggest commitments of your life.

In summer months, take into account that heat can cause older churches to become ovens, likewise, an outdoor ceremony, though beautiful, can really scorch your guests.

Choose a venue with air conditioning or good air circulation.

If the ceremony you desire is outside, choose a space that has an abundance of shade, or is next to a larger body of water.


How many guests will be at your ceremony?

If you have over 50 guests, you will want to look at amplifying the voices and the music.

Many brides make the mistake of thinking that the speakers can just speak louder.

This is often very ineffective and can even strain their voices!

If you are having live music, it is quite difficult to make most traditional instruments louder without sound assistance.

Most DJ companies offer inexpensive ceremony packages that include all of the microphones and music you will need!


Before the guests arrive…

Have you designed a prelude?

When we think of ceremonies, we may think of the traditional songs for the processional or recessional.

Many brides choose songs for unity gestures or to honor special guests or passed relatives.

But, before the ceremony even starts, your guests will be arriving.

Choosing a set of five to ten songs for them to listen to as they arrive is a truly above and beyond touch.

This time is a great place to put those songs you love most, the ones that describe you and your fiancé best.


You kiss and are now married!

Have an exit strategy prepared!

When the ceremony is done, often there is a lull before the reception begins.

Will you be having a receiving line?

What will the guests do in the interim?

Having a list of local quick activities for your guests can fill in those gaps nicely for you, and try to minimize the amount of time between when your ceremony ends and when your reception begins!


When planning a wedding in Minnesota, be sure to book a good wedding DJ who can provide you with the music, and microphones, and help coordinate your wedding ceremony.

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