How To Make Your Wedding Grand March Unique!

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wedding grand marchAt Pro Sound & Light Show DJ’s & Uplighting, we take pride in making your wedding both unique and memorable.  We can take one small wedding tradition and turn it into a moment that is uniquely yours!  For example, here are some ways to make your wedding Grand March unique!

First, here is a standard, traditional wedding Grand March:  We welcome you and your bridal party into the room.  This is set to music and gives your guests a huge energy boost right off the bat and is a great time to get some fantastic pictures!  Some basic tips for your wedding Grand March before we begin with the custom ideas.

1. Make sure to coach your bridal party that there will be a Grand March and how much it matters to you that it be a special moment.

2. Help your DJ or MC with exact pronunciations for each name.  It is so important to our work that we honor each person by saying their name correctly!

3. Decide on the order of your wedding Grand March and make sure your wedding party understands that order.  This will allow the set up to go smoother for a unique wedding Grand March!  Your DJ or MC will work hand in hand with you to make sure this process is simple and fun!

Make Your Wedding Grand March Unique:

Custom Introductions:

You and your MC will create 2-3 sentences for each member of the bridal party.  When they come into the room, your guests will be treated to these personal and fun introductions.  This allows your guests to get to know your friends and creates great conversation starters for later.  The way this usually works is that each member of the bridal party would come in separately.  They step into the doorway as the MC announces their name and stay there until the intro is complete at which time they walk/run/dance etc. toward the head table.  This can be done in alternating boy/girl order, all girls then all boys order, or even as couples (they would stay at the door until both intros are done).  However this is done, you and your future husband will be introduced last!

Theme Music:

Each member or couple in your bridal party could have their own personal entry music!  Usually a chorus or “hook” from a song that is meaningful, fun or just a favorite would play as each person or couple enter the room.  You would work with your MC to choose these songs or provide a list that you prepare earlier with  grand march song ideas. This can be done very effectively with the custom introductions above.


You can have your bridal party create different effects for you.  They can create an archway for each succeeding couple, they can make a circle on the dance floor if you would like to enter onto the floor for a big group effect for your guests.  They can even have choreographed dance moves that tell a story or fit a theme.  Suffice it to say, you will have to train them for this as we will not have time the day of!

It really all comes down to what you want it to look like.  It is much easier to create a unique Grand March for you if we know what you and your bridal party are like.  I look forward to helping you create these details, please let me know if I can be of any help in this process!

For more tips on planning your wedding Grand March, and all the other aspects of planning your wedding, check out

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