A Salute To Love – Military Wedding Winner


Congratulations to Victoria Amon!  The winner of our Salute To Love Veterans Contest!  With 93 votes, Victoria wins a complete Diamond Entertainment wedding DJ package with Love Story valued at up to $1499!  Here is her winning submission:  Tell us your love story, how you met, or what the proposal was like?

“It was the spring of my freshman year in college. I was looking out the window next to the elevator in my dorm and from there I could see the boys dorm. One of the windows had a phone number posted on it, so my friend told me to put the number in my phone. A few months later in early May my roommate dared me to call the phone number and ask them to tell us a bedtime story. I called and Derek, my now fiancé answered the phone. We thought he went to the same school but found out that as a joke his buddies posted his phone number without him knowing. Derek didn’t have a story ready, being midnight when I called, so I called him the next night and he had a story ready. After that night we started talking and went on our first date when I moved back home for the summer later that month. We’ve been together 3 and half years and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him!”    Victoria Amon – Minnetonka, MN

We had several other amazing submissions!  We want to honor these couples by giving them each a $500 gift certificate and a free Love Story!

“Andrew and I truly were destined to find each other. After both ending serious relationships we both thought that finding love was just not supposed to happen for either of us. A mutual friend whom I actually hadn’t talked to in years provided my name to Andrew as he indicated I want “a sweet, caring and honest girl”. This old friend of mine provided my name and within a day I received a Facebook message of Andrew explaining who he was and what his interests are. About a week or so after we met at.  Applebee’s for our first official date and immediately clicked we laughed and joked about all the same things and we also found the similar interests/ values we have. I knew right away Andrew was the one for me not only for who he was, but for the sacrifice he has for  being in the Air Force which I fully support. Andrew and I dated for 1.5 until we found out his assignment would be Wyoming, we agreed to do long distance. Here we both stand definitely with our ups and downs being apart from each other for 2 years. We are able to make attempts to see each other usually 2x a year. On our last visit I had no idea what I was in for the morning of the engagement I actually had to be taken to the emergency room for head pain, which ended up being just a minor detriment to the day. Andrew told me as we left the hospital that I would need pants as we would be going horseback riding in Colorado, I of course was beyond thrilled. We made our trek to the ranch and got lost, Andrew was so calm and collected. We made it to our destination and checked in, we both used the washroom. As I walked back I heard Andrew state just make sure to get a picture, to me this wasn’t out of the ordinary as I love pictures.  We began riding on our private horse back tour through the Colorado mountains and it was absolutely beautiful. We rode about an hour then got to stop and stretch our legs, our tour guide max said he could take some pictures. The next thing I remember was Andrew saying “I love you so much”. Without a doubt the most romantic and best experience of my life. Now having planning a wedding states away from each other has been difficult, exciting yet so worthwhile. This would be such a great thing for both of us, especially with Andrews sacrifice of being in the Air Force. I wouldn’t change the distance between us nor Andrew being in the military because it has made us a stronger couple and appreciate each other more for the time we are able to be together. I couldn’t imagine to have a better life partner. I hope we will be considered for this opportunity as we both would be more than appreciative and grateful.”     Vanessa Linder  – Duluth, MN

“Love at first sight – I can honestly say that I believe in that statement whole heartly after seeing Joe. We met almost three years ago this winter. When I saw him, I knew he would be the one, something about him was different and after hanging a few times, our relationship felt like something that I’ve never felt before. Two months into our relationship, Joe told me that he would be deploying to Afghanistan that fall and would be gone for a year. I didn’t know what to say other than I knew Joe was worth the wait. Nothing beats watching him walk off that bus and running up to him, hugging him after not seeing him for a year. Its a feeling that is unexplainable. This past October, Joe proposed in a hotair balloon ride. It was romantic :)”    Kayla Christensen – Isanti, MN

“Well me and my fiance William met and high school and were best friends throughout. He’s a year older than me and when I was still a senior in high school we started dating in March. Then while I was away downstate Wisconsin for school William signed up for the Army National Guard Infantry and went to basic training half way through my freshmen year of college. When we both came back we moved in together. Our birthdays are three days apart and he told me he had something extra special planned for my birthday this year and it was kind of a present for both of us. After pestering him a little bit he told me we had to go hiking on my birthday and be at place called St. Peter’s Dome at exactly sunset. St. Peter’s Dome is located in Sanborn, WI and has a view of the entire area around Ashland, WI and the surrounding 30 miles along with Lake Superior. So on my birthday we hiked up there and at exactly sunset he started playing “From Here to Eternity” by Micheal Peterson and he was so nervous instead of singing the song to me like he originally planned, he hummed it and kept kissing me. At the end of the song he pulled out the ring and proposed. Because of our birthdays we wanted to have our wedding in September too but unfortunately for us, William is getting deployed next year so we have to move up our wedding to March because of our anniversary.”   Niki Jean Klug – Cable, WI